The Traitors Season 2 Finale Recap: Who Won the Grand Prize?

The Traitors Season 2 Finale recap
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The Traitors Season 2’s finale has arrived, and WOW, was this one heck of a ride. Even though Phaedra was banished during the last episode, we still had something to hope for because a lot of the best players were still in the game. Who is going to take it all? The 2x Survivor winner? Or The Challenge vets? Or could it be a Bravoleb? Find out everything that went down in The Traitors Season 2, Episode 11: “One Final Hurdle.”

Who was murdered in The Traitors Season 2, Episode 11? 

The Traitors Season 2 Finale
Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock

Shereé Whitfield was the eighth celebrity murdered in The Traitors Season 2, Episode 11. 

As the last Traitor standing, Kate had a tough decision to make: murder Shereé or Trishelle. (The Bravoverse was screaming at the television, telling her to murder Trishelle.) She debated the decision, stating that they were both risky. However, the Below Deck star decided to go with her Bravo sister, hoping it would throw the scent off of her.

“I’ve been figuring things out,” Shereé said in her confessional. “And what I have figured out is that Kate is a Traitor.” YIKES, yachty. That move could be the end of the road for you.

Shereé clocked Kate’s tea in the previous episode. She stated Kate was too mad at Phaedra for anything else to make sense. But clearly, she was the only Bravoleb with sense because MJ saw Shereé’s murder as a reason to target Sandra. Sigh.

Before the cast took off for their final mission, they chatted in small groups about what to do during the night’s coming banishment. CT and Trishelle were on to Kate, and so was Sandra. But Kate and MJ planned to vote for the Survivor winner. Will they stick to the plan? 

The group collects $50,000 for the grand prize

The Traitors Season 2 Finale recap
Photo by: Euan Cherry/Peacock

A helicopter took the remaining contestants to their final challenge location. Host Alan Cumming told the players what they had to do: get to his “magnificent Traitors ship.” If they made it, they would get $30,000. Along the way to the ship, they could choose to take three detours, and if completed, they could win up to an additional $20,000. 

As expected, CT took the lead, and in hindsight, this was a walk in the park for him compared to his wins on The Challenge. They approached their first detour and snagged a cool $5,000 in the process. Later, they came across their second detour, which involved finding a tin can with another $5,000. But to claim the money, they had to unlock it with a code painted on a rock at the starting line. Me and the rest of the world screamed, “4653! 4653!” However, CT had to run back to the beginning to confirm. 

CT returned to Sandra, Trishelle, Kate, and MJ in just the nick of time. They had to abseil down a cliff to get on a speedboat that would take them to Alan’s ship. But before getting there, they were presented with another detour. Of course, they took it, and after swimming through a cave and climbing up a slippery slope, they secured the remaining $10,000. They got saddled up on the boat and sped away. THEY’RE GONNA DO IT. They made it up, raised the three mini flags, and eventually raised the mainsail, STOPPING the clock. That’s $208,100 for a Traitor … or the Faithfuls. 

Who was banished in The Traitors Season 2, Episode 11? 

The Traitors Season 2 Finale
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Sandra Diaz-Twine was the ninth celebrity banished in The Traitors Season 2, Episode 11. 

The plan was simple: Trishelle, CT, and Sandra would vote for Kate. But someway, somehow, Kate CONVINCED CT to turn on Sandra. On the ride home from the challenge, she told the MTV vet that Sandra is the Traitor who has to go. She may have also told him that Sandra was plotting to get him out. Okay, Kate — maybe you were thinking in this game. 

In the castle, CT told Sandra about Kate’s statements. Sandra then pulled Kate to chat. Kate pulled the reverse Uno card, told her she “wasn’t the one shopping your name around,” and got Sandra to target CT. Kate ran the info back to CT and told him that Sandra would vote for him. Wait. Is is that simple? Kate literally planted a grade-school lie to stir up drama, and it worked. 

MJ and CT opened the roundtable discussion by letting Sandra know they felt she was a Traitor. “That’s what I think,” MJ said. “I know you’re a gamer. I know you’ve won Survivor twice.” MJ told Sandra she thought her relationship with Phaedra and Shereé was weird. However, Sandra said she wouldn’t trade that for anything. The Real Housewives stars were her “Traitors angels.”

But that wasn’t enough for CT. “I know you’re coming for me, so I’m just gonna have to return the favor,” he said. And Trishelle, oh, she was SHOCKED. 

Sandra was also caught off guard. She said she didn’t expect to be in that situation and had nothing else to say. The group voted, and the majority voted for Sandra. It was an easy vote for everyone except Trishelle. She didn’t understand why CT flipped the script. In fact, she thought he could’ve been a Traitor. Sandra stood in the circle of truth and revealed her true identity: Faithful. “What a colossal mistake,” Trishelle said. 

Fire of Truth: Who lives, who dies? 

The Traitors Season 2 Finale recap
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The time has come for someone to win it all — the Faithful or the Traitors. The four remaining players voted to either end the game or BANISH AGAIN. Kate voted to end (a dumb move considering there was a murder the night before), and Trishelle, CT, and MJ voted to banish again. There really was no fight. The group voted to banish Kate like that, and there they stood — the remaining Faithful — all SO close to taking home their share of $208,000.

They had to vote again — end the game or banish. MJ voted to end. Trishelle voted to banish, and so did CT. UH HELLO? WHAT IS GOING ON? The players write their names down, and everybody is confused. Well, except CT. He wrote MJ’s name down because he envisioned himself winning with Trishelle. MJ wrote Trishelle. And Trishelle — she voted for CT. So, we had a three-way tie, and the only way to break it was to vote again. 

CT gave a speech about why he voted for MJ, and he needed Trishelle to tap in. MJ, chile, let’s just move on. And Trishelle was confused by CT’s sudden switch to target Sandra. They voted again. CT wrote MJ, MJ wrote Trishelle, and Trishelle wrote MJ. Damn. 

MJ got snuffed, stormed off the grounds, blocked Trishelle and CT on Instagram, and sulked. CT and Trishelle, though — they’re winners.

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