The Traitors Season 2 Reunion Recap: “Low-Down Son of A B*tch”

The Traitors Season 2 Reunion recap
Photo by: Chris Haston/PEACOCK

The Traitors Season 2 finale was pretty epic, but the reunion was off the charts. 21 of the 22 cast members joined Andy Cohen for the sit-down of the year, answering burning questions about the season’s biggest feuds, moves, and those final 20 minutes of heart-racing TV. Although there was a lot to discuss, from Peter’s supposed relationship with Ekin-Su to Johnny Bananas being the first boot, the cast got into it, and it was anything but peaches and cream. Keep reading to see what went down during The Traitors Season 2 reunion.

MJ still feels some type of way 

The Traitors Season 2 Reunion
Photo by: Chris Haston/PEACOCK

As host Andy teased earlier in the week, The Traitors reunion featured the cast members reacting to the last 20 minutes of the Season 2 finale. In case you missed it, Kate was the final Traitor banished from the game, leaving CT, Trishelle, and MJ. They could’ve ended the game, or they could’ve kept going until only two players remained. MJ voted to end, but Trishelle and CT voted to keep playing. Eventually, MJ was the last Faithful banished and left Scotland with ZERO dollars. 

When the four remaining players entered the reunion stage, MJ wasted no time getting into it with The Challenge alum. “They all knew that we were all Faithfuls,” MJ told Andy. She even said they give “grifter energy.” Welp. Clock it, MJ!

Later, during the reunion, she shared more of her thoughts and even revealed she blocked the pair on Instagram. “From the second that [I got my phone back], I blocked you both immediately. Why wouldn’t I?” She continued: “I don’t regret my choices; I regret their choices for vilifying themselves.”

John, the long-winded politician, chimed in and told MJ that she shouldn’t be bitter about the ending, to which she said, “Actually, the Traitors were eliminated. And the greedy people decided to make it a different game.” 

Phaedra continues to read Dan for filth 

The Traitors Season 2 Reunion recap
Photo by: Chris Haston/PEACOCK

The Traitors played an interesting game this season. There was a mixture of Bravo and CBS stars in the mix, and things began to get messy once Dan took a shot at his own. It didn’t end well for him. I’m surprised he didn’t get the hint two days before his banishment when Phaedra told PAR-VA-TI not to do “the Housewives thing.” Pride always comes before the fall. 

She ate him up savagely at the roundtable, saying she does “too much ’cause you do too little.” During their sit-down with Andy, Phaedra “shredded” him once again. When asked what her reaction was to Dan “selling you out,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum said Dan was “a low-down son of a bitch.” She added: “And for you to pull that, I just thought he was a piece of shit.” 

Dan said the hardest part about the game was that he liked everyone, and none of his moves were intended to intentionally harm Phaedra. “I’m never gonna give up,” he said. “In Big Brother, my back’s been against the wall — I’ll take a huge shot, and they always hit. This is the first time that it didn’t hit, and it’s not personal.” 

When Andy asked if he regretted going after Phaedra during his last roundtable, he said he didn’t. “I thought she was that good.” But Phaedra wasn’t buying it. “When I watched back, he had already said that he wanted me out of the game,” Phaedra said. “You had already made that point that you wanted me out of the game.” 

“Your reaction?” Andy asked her, to which she said, “Piece of sh*t. Yeah, he’s trash.” 

Dan, Janelle, CT, and the gamers think the reality stars are taking things too personally 

The Traitors Season 2 Reunion
Photo by: Chris Haston/PEACOCK

Another topic that was discussed during the reunion was whether people were taking game moves too personally. Janelle has already said that some of her co-stars were doing the most after the cameras went down, but she didn’t reveal who. Now, we know she was talking about MJ (who has a right to be upset); however, many other players feel the same. 

John told MJ it was just a “game,” while Janelle said gamers “never take things personally.” She continued, “Every single one of you I like, but like, I would never take anything personally.” Um. Sure, Janelle. This is the same person who drags Nicole Franzel (again, rightfully so) every time CBS even THINKS about putting her on camera. 

CT apologized to MJ if the move came across as “insensitive.” He noted that he’s “numb” to a lot of the backstabbing that takes place on these shows because he’s been at it for so long. Dan piggybacked off his comment, saying he felt the same about Phaedra. “I don’t know when this is over if she’s, like, really still mad at me,” to which Phaedra replied, “I am.”  

Andy discussed the “cultural difference” between people who appear on competition shows and those who appear on lifestyle shows. However, Parvati reminded everyone that the show is called “The Traitors” for a reason. We’ll have to wait to see how Season 3 turns out.

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