Madison LeCroy at BravoCon 2023
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Madison LeCroy Snuffs Out Pregnancy Rumors

Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy is looking forward to the future with her husband Brett Randle.

On March 9, Madison posted an Instagram photo of her kissing Brett, captioned, “So ready for our future together.” But when fans assumed the newlyweds were sharing a pregnancy announcement, the makeup/hairstylist wasted no time shutting down speculation with some strategic “likes.”

“Can y’all stop with the baby comments?” commented a sympathetic follower. “What if they are trying and your comments aren’t helpful? Or if they’re not trying and it’s just annoying?! Let this girl be.” Madison “liked” the comment and added a, “Thank you!”

Is there a pregnancy in Madison’s future?

Another fan commented, “Holy God, she just went in a cold plunge. She’s happy with her man, end of story. They will let you know when they are pregnant. She just said she’s not pregnant. Let’s Stop forcing pregnancy, marriage, and other social norms on women.” Madison “liked” this one, too.

The Charleston resident already has a 10-year-old son, Hudson, with ex-husband Josh Hughes. She met Brett in 2021 when they were both vacationing with separate groups of friends. They were engaged by October of that year and married in November 2022.

Fans of Southern Charm have watched the couple discuss having a baby together and even witnessed Madison visit her doctor to explore the possibility of adding to their family.

“We’re talking about having a baby,” LeCroy told co-star and close friend Venita Aspen. “This time, I want it to be planned and take our time. We literally fall asleep holding hands at night. I don’t even tell people sh*t like that.” Um, you just did.

Because Madison suffered a pelvic fracture during Hudson’s birth, there’s more to consider about her going through childbirth again. She shared with Us Weekly that her doctor wants to be more proactive with a second child.

“They’re not going to give me the option to have [a natural birth],” she revealed. “So we’re going to schedule [a C-section]. With a tummy tuck on the side. Thank you!”

Though she’s nervous about having surgery, she admits, “I would just have to wing it and just pray for the best.”

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