The Cringiest Moments in Bachelor History

Peter Weber
(John Fleenor via Getty Images) PETER WEBER

In the 22 years The Bachelor has been on the air, there have been some seriously cringe-worthy moments. From over-emotional breakups to filming mishaps, there has been no shortage of embarrassing moments. As if seeing someone get rejected every episode wasn’t hard enough. Let’s take a look back at some of the most unfortunate moments.

Juan Pablo’s Final Rose


In the Season 18 finale, Juan Pablo delivered one of the least romantic lines in Bachelor history when he gifted his last rose to finalist Nikki Ferrell. After telling her he wasn’t ready to propose, he offered her the rose and said, “I like you a lot. A lot.” She looked uncomfortable, and there was a moment of awkward silence before she reluctantly accepted the rose.

Usually, the Bachelor finale includes tears of joy and sappy speeches but Juan and Nikki’s final moment looked like the end of a bad date.

Jesse Palmer Choosing the Wrong Girl


In Season 5, Bachelor Jesse Palmer made a grave mistake during a rose ceremony. The football star accidentally said the wrong girl’s name, giving his last rose to Katie instead of Karen. Yikes. He explained what happened and they did it over again. He offered Katie the chance to stay anyway, which she accepted. The whole thing was so awkward.


(Bachelor Nation/YouTube)

In Season 24, contestant Kelsey Weier tried to create a romantic moment with Bachelor Peter Weber. The Iowa native set up a display near the fireplace, complete with a special champagne bottle she had been saving for a year. Unfortunately, Peter and frontrunner Hannah Ann Sluss stumbled upon the display and assumed producers set up the cute moment. They popped the bottle, and all hell broke loose.

Kelsey saw what happened and accused Hannah Ann of sabotaging her champagne moment. How dare she! She started to cry, so Peter stepped in with another (unpopped) bottle to try and rectify the situation. But when Kelsey tried to pull off the spontaneous, cool girl move of drinking right from the bottle, the champagne exploded in her face. She just couldn’t win. Champagne-gate was so iconic but oh, so cringe.

Jillian Anderson Falling at the Rose Ceremony


In Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor, an unfortunate moment occurred during one of the rose ceremonies. Chris called out the name “Julia,” but contestant Jillian Anderson thought he said her name. When she stepped forward, Chris repeated himself and Jillian realized her mistake. She tried to step back but ended up tripping on the rug and falling. She tried to recover by laughing hysterically but it only made it harder to watch. Ah, we’re cringing just thinking about it.

Jamie Otis’ Kissing Lesson


This one was bad. In Season 16, contestant Jamie Otis took it upon herself to teach Ben Flajnik how to kiss. She tried to instruct him on every aspect, including when to open and close his mouth. It wasn’t exactly sexy, and Ben was clearly not into it. I think he got the ick at that moment.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Becca Kufrin breakup


Arie Luyendyk Jr. proposed to Becca Kufrin in the finale, but it wasn’t long before he realized he wanted to be with runner-up Lauren Burnham. Arie broke up with Becca during one of their “happy couple” getaways and ABC aired the whole breakup unedited in the finale. It was brutal. It’s a good thing Arie ended up marrying Lauren, or his reputation might have never recovered.

Olivia Caridi’s Vegas Performance


On Ben Higgins‘ season, the girls were tasked with coming up with a talent to impress the Bachelor at a Vegas show. While there were a few good performances, contestant Olivia Caridi’s act stuck out for all the wrong reasons. The New York native performed a showgirl routine and it was…awkward. She jumped out of a cake and kind of strutted around the stage. She seemed really uncomfortable and overall, it was just hard to watch. Ben had to look away, so yeah, it was rough.