Jesse Lally and Michelle Lally for The Valley
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The Valley Stars Jesse and Michelle Lally Separate After Six Years of Marriage

Is The Valley where marriages go to die? The show hasn’t even hit Bravo yet, but it’s starting to look that way. Vanderpump Rules alums and heads of The Valley friend group, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, have already been going through a messy public separation. And now, their friends/new-to-us co-stars, Jesse and Michelle Lally, have also pulled the plug on their marriage.

Some of Jesse and Michelle’s marital issues will play out on The Valley

Michelle and Jesse Lally
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According to Us Weekly, Jesse and Michelle have decided to separate after nearly six years of marriage. The Valley stars tied the knot in October 2018 after getting engaged in November 2017. They share a three-year-old daughter, Isabella Bunny.

Jesse and Michelle haven’t given a reason for why they decided to call it quits. But, they walked the red carpet separately at the March 14 premiere party held at Jax’s bar, Jax’s Studio City. Sounds like it might be a little messy.

“There’s a major storyline about our life where I try to work on myself throughout the entire summer to be the best version of myself,” Jesse hinted. “And if the best version of myself aligned with the best version of herself, then our marriage would make it. People evolve. If your marriage and relationship doesn’t evolve with it, it will never work no matter how bad you want it.”

Michelle also reflected on the experience. “People said, ‘When you watch the show, you’re going to realize how you guys actually are,’ because when you’re in it, you don’t actually know.” She continued, “Taking a step back and looking at myself, I’m like, ‘Oh wow. It’s obvious we have some marital issues.’”

Many viewers have become wary of Bravo splits being faked for show fodder (see: Jax’s take on Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky). Michelle emphasized that it’s all real.

“I want fans to know how real we were. We’re very authentic. We didn’t fake anything and we said if we’re going to do reality TV, we’re really going to open up our lives — the positive and the negative,” she offered.

I didn’t initially care about this show. But, Brittany said we’ll see her “sexless” marriage devolve. And now, it looks like Jesse and Michelle’s will fall apart right before our eyes, too. Did they get me? Am I falling for this? Sigh. Setting my DVR.

The Valley premieres Tuesday, March 18 on Bravo.