EXCLUSIVE: Jordan Emanuel Teases Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2

Jordan Emanuel for Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 2
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Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard is back for another season of partying, drama, and, of course, Black excellence. Their trip to the Vineyard this year will showcase several highs and lows, from devastating medical conditions and relationship challenges to surprise pregnancies and new roommates. Reality Tea news writer Jacquez Printup was able to speak with Jordan Emanuel ahead of the Season 2 premiere, and she spilled a lot of tea, including details about her friendship with Jasmine Ellis Cooper, newbie Noelle Hughley, and so much more.

Jordan opens up about her journey with alopecia and her dynamic with Amir during Season 2

Summer House Martha's Vineyard Season 2
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Jacquez Printup: In the trailer, we saw you being open with your costars about your journey with alopecia. How has that been since filming the second season?

Jordan Emanuel: I’ve definitely had a lot of improvement with my hair. But when we were filming, it was the height of my hair loss. It was probably the most hair I’ve lost in years, really. I mean, I’m talking like five years. So having that outbreak during filming, you know, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, you know? But even just in the getting ready and getting ready to go out or go out to eat, and it just being something that’s so prominent in your appearance. I definitely was made aware of it during that time, and so you see me dealing with that … for sure.

JP: Another thing we saw in the trailer was that there may be more drama brewing between you and Amir [Lancaster]. What can you tell us about your dynamic with him in Season 2? 

Jordan: I mean, Amir and I have always just been platonic, you know, and that just continues. You also see that his girlfriend comes to visit us. So, any flirtation or anything like that has definitely been canceled since [Season 1].

JP: Can you tell us about the comment you made in the trailer — “Amir is not keeping it a buck?” 

Jordan: I mean, I guess you’ll see … Yeah, yeah, it’s gonna be obvious. Sometimes, when people get [into] relationships, they lose themselves a little bit. So I’ll say that. 

How has Jordan’s relationship with Jasmine changed?

JP: The trailer definitely teased some explosive moments between you and Jasmine this season. How have things between you guys changed from Seasons 1 and 2? 

Jordan: I mean, obviously, friendships go through ups and downs. She’s had a lot of change in her life; I’ve had a lot of change in my life. And sometimes, you know, you grow apart, and sometimes you look at life a little bit differently. So, I don’t think it’s anything abnormal to what normal friends go through. You just see the ins and outs of it a little bit more this season than you did last season.

Obviously, Silas [Cooper] is not filming with us this year because he’s currently deployed. So, you’ll see that dynamic shift a little bit because, you know, she’s … there without her spouse. So, yeah, I think it’s definitely a different energy between us this year as we navigate what our friendship looks like. And as of now, we’re good.

JP: Speaking of Silas, how is the dynamic without him and Jason [Lyke]?

Jordan: It’s different. I’m not gonna say it’s better or worse. It’s just a different energy, for sure. You know, we don’t have really that many single men in the house. So, Jason was missed on that front. But yeah, it’s … an interesting dynamic, but you guys will definitely see that there’s a big difference. In what way? I don’t know; I’m gonna leave it up to y’all to decide.

Jordan teases more to come from Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard

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JP: Now that you guys are a little bit more familiar with the cameras and the Bravoverse, can you tell us who stirs up the most trouble among the cast this season?

Jordan: I think, surprisingly, Summer [Marie Thomas] found herself in some situations the most.

JP: Can you tell us anything about the new cast member, Noelle? It looked like there may have been a moment between her and Alex [Tyree]

Jordan: I think they had a flirtation for a little second right there. … Noelle is great. She’s a lively bubble of fun. She’s like a Southern belle [and] one of my Capricorn sisters. So, you know, we have a little bond. … But yeah, she was a great … addition to the crew, for sure. And she fit right in.

JP: What’s something that you want people to take away from your experience this summer on the Vineyard?

Jordan: I think what makes our dynamic and our show really unique is that we really are friends in front of the camera and behind the camera. And that doesn’t always look like everybody getting along or everybody being on the same accord. And so I want everyone to realize that we’re just like everyone else. We go through ups and downs with our people that we love. These are our family members, basically. And just to take away that, like it’s a part of life to go through ups and downs with people that you care about. 

JP: Are there any moments in Season 2 [that] you’re excited for the audience to see?

Jordan: Absolutely. I threw an amazing themed party, which I can’t tell you all the theme because it’s gonna spoil too much. But if you look closely in the trailer, you can get a little glimpse of it. [I’m] really excited for people to see that we have a lot of fun. We had costumes. We had people, we had our friends from home visiting. So it was just a great time.

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2 premieres on Bravo on March 24 at 9/8c. New episodes air every Sunday thereafter.

This interview has been edited for conciseness and clarity.