Did Craig Conover Hint at a Breakup With Paige DeSorbo?

Craig Conover Paige DeSorbo
Photo by Udo Salters/Getty Images

For the last few years, Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo have been the power couple that Bravo fans have needed. Followers watched as Craig dealt with a pretty bad breakup from Naomie Olindo on Southern Charm, and she made it clear she didn’t support his sewing or gardening. The breakup came as a real blow to the Deleware native, which left fans wondering how he would recover. On the other hand, Paige was always the independent girl on Summer House who had the guys fawning over her. 

Even though she had a few partners over the years, none of the men stuck, and Paige always seemed to have a much better time going out with her friends or staying in her bed. But somehow, the Bravo stars aligned and matched these two perfectly perfect humans. And even though Craig has always believed in their love story, he recently startled fans, acknowledging he might not get his happily ever after with Paige. 

The reality of it all

Summer should be fun, but on the most recent episode of Summer House, Craig admitted that he could see a future without Paige in it. For months, he has been hinting that Paige should move to Charleston or make some kind of commitment, but she hasn’t really felt the need to. Every time the conversation is brought up, she cries and notes that she isn’t ready to leave her mother. While setting up for a party, Craig confessed to Kyle Cooke, “I’ve been working on my mental health, my physical health, like, everything, and, like, I love Paige, but I’m almost becoming the best version of myself, and so if we work out, we work out, but if we don’t, it’s not the end of the world. I hope we do.”

This marked the first time anyone heard any doubt from Craig, and it left all rather shaken. The Sewing Down South owner went on to share, “I mean, there’s always that chance, right? I mean, we do live in different places. Like, she lives in New York City; she loves New York. I love Charleston; I run a company out of Charleston. Like, it’s very probable. You would be naive to be like, ‘Oh, it’s all just gonna work out.” I mean, I don’t like the notion, but if I am being honest, Craig isn’t wrong with his thought process. 

Apartment for one 

Paige seemed extremely on guard during the episode as she talked to her relator about upgrading to a $8,500 apartment. When asked about her wants, she noted that it would be mostly hers, but Craig would also live there a few days a week. When the Charmer added he could pitch in with monetary help, the fashionista was dead set against it. I understand her logic. There is no ring, so why should she depend on a guy to give her money? What if they broke up? It be a mess. Craig didn’t see it that way and very much felt like this is what couples do; they help one another out.

While funny, Paige’s response to Craig offering help felt very much like she was shutting him down as she said “I wouldn’t go buy a car with Craig not being married. I wouldn’t start a bank account with Craig not being married, so why would I take part of my rent from him? Also, I’m not just gonna be indebted to him, and then, what, he thinks he’s gonna make decisions in my apartment? Get outta town, so no and no.” I can’t help but feel Paige’s hyper-independence is going to contribute to her losing out on a decent dude. 

Craig is hurt

Craig touched on the issue in a confessional, sharing, “I mean, in my perfect world, there would be a little more security to being like, ‘One day we’re going to get married and then have kids. She has told me that’s what we’re gonna do, so I have to tailor my insecurities and my impatience and either believe her or not. My patience isn’t gonna last forever, right? And that’s the risk, you know?” Craig’s candidness really left me wondering if the two are going to make it.