Deal or No Deal Island Episode 6 Recap: Another Shocking Surprise From the Banker

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Welcome back! Let’s get right into the Deal or No Deal Island Episode 6 recap. Last time, Aron decided that Miranda would face the Banker. She opted to take a $40,000 personal offer from the Banker, but she was sent home after making a bad deal. This week’s episode, “Are You Intentional?” features another game-changing twist from The Banker. Here’s everything you need to know about Deal or No Deal Island Episode 6!

The rise of the Night Owls

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Aron was worried about his game moving forward. But Alyssa reassured Aron that she was a bigger target. She needs immunity or to face The Banker. If not, she will be packing her bags.

Meanwhile, Stephanie sounded off to Nick, Amy, and Rob about Aron betraying her. “I’ve never been so hurt because it just wasn’t on my radar,” she said. And Nick was angry because he thought he was in an alliance with Rob and Aron. But no one told him that Stephanie was a target. Nick thinks that he is the most intelligent person in the game. He was one of the top 500 people out of 90,000 who took the sanitation worker test. So, Nick is gearing up to take out the trash on the island.

And a new alliance formed: The Night Owls. This foursome always stayed up late together. Stephanie calls herself a Barn Owl, who seems “dignified” but will “scratch your eyeballs out.” Nick is a hunting owl because of his physicality. Dawson is a Long-eared owl since he knows all the gossip. While Amy is a Great Horned Owl because she is “kind of crazy” and “ready to attack.”

Stephanie has some questions

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Stephanie asked to chat with Aron. Awkward! He apologized. He also admitted that sending her home was partly his plan. But it was also what Alyssa and Rob wanted. Stephanie started to cry. Aron! Why are you tossing your alliance under the bus?

He added that she was truly his friend and that he went along with Alyssa and Rob’s wishes so he wouldn’t be sent home. Stephanie told Aron that Alyssa is “untrustworthy.” She also mentioned that people want to work with him and that he has other options in the game.

Next, Stephanie talked to Rob. She wanted to find out exactly who wanted her out. She asked Rob if it was Alyssa’s plan or Aron’s idea. Rob denied knowing anything about Aron’s decision. But he knows that everyone thinks that he masterminded the plan. Then Stephanie told Rob that Alyssa was her target.

An explosive challenge

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The group headed out to the next excursion. A sign read, “Danger explosives.” Rob dissed Joe’s outfit. “Joe’s got his usual outfit on. You know, something a little ostentatious, a little braggadocious. Saw the loafers, Joe,” Rob added.

Joe looked excited about the challenge. Cases are suspended over the water, with explosives attached to them. The guests will be divided into teams of two. They will each use a torch to light the fuse that will blast the cases free. The highest-value cases were suspended higher than the lower-value cases. And the highest value case for this excursion is worth $3.5 million.

In a clearing, each team has a box with up to three extenders that they can use to make the torch longer. The team that brings back the highest combined total wins immunity. The team with the lowest total will be the bottom two.

The Teams

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The guys picked colored armbands, and then the ladies drew them from a box. The teams are:

  • Aron and Amy
  • Dawson and Jordan
  • Nick and Alyssa
  • Rob and Stephanie

And let me just say that Nick and Stephanie were delighted by their teammates. The Night Owls were all with other partners.

And now for the twist. The lowest case says, “Banker’s Bonus.” Players only need one extension to reach it. “It is a game changer,” Joe told the guests.

A slippery surprise

Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

As the teams discussed strategy, most were planning to go for the Banker’s Bonus. Uh-oh! Joe neglected to mention that the cases were filled with snakes. “And don’t worry. They don’t bite…that hard,” Joe said.

Snakes are like Rob’s kryptonite, but he puts his hands in there anyway. I love how Nick screamed at the snakes. I couldn’t tell if he was being bitten or was just trying to scare them.

Aron and Amy took off first to get the Banker’s Bonus. She had to swim against the tide and keep the torch lit. Amy gets the $500,000 case and the Banker’s Bonus.

Dawson and Jordan took just two extenders. Meanwhile, Rob and Nick were still fighting the snakes for the third extender. They both want immunity. Rob pulled out the third extender just a few minutes before Nick did. They were neck-and-neck struggling to reach the highest value case. Finally, Rob lit the torch for the $3.5 million. Nick nabbed the $2.5 million.

Alyssa and Stephanie were in the water next. Stephanie grabbed the $1.5 million, and Rob and Stephanie have immunity. When it was Aron’s turn in the water, his grip on the torch slipped and it went out. He headed back to relight it, but the remaining cases weren’t enough to keep him and Amy out of the bottom two.

Boston Rob works his magic

Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

Stephanie and Rob have to decide who will face The Banker. But Amy hoped that the Banker’s Bonus would reverse Boston Rob’s immunity.

Rob asked Amy and Aron if either of them wanted to face The Banker. Neither was enthused about the prospect. Rob wanted Amy to play because if Aron were to play and lose, Rob wasn’t as safe. But he didn’t want to force her to play because it revealed his strategy. Finally, Amy said she wanted to face the Banker. Rob is some kind of mind-control genius. The Survivor player’s powers of persuasion are amazing.

Alyssa was worried about her safety. She wants to win the money so she and her girlfriend can “open a really fun and inclusive and safe space in Missouri.” Alyssa talked with Amy, trying to save herself. But Amy shut her down, saying that she was too tired to talk game. Ouch!

Who will face the Banker in The Temple?

Photo by: Patrick Ecclesine/NBC

Amy McCoy faces off against The Banker in Deal or No Deal Island Episode 6.

At The Temple, Joe asked Amy what she would do with her winnings if she made it to the finale. Amy said, “I would buy my grandma her dream car, which is a Grand Jeep Cherokee, and then I would buy my husband a brand-new truck. He’s never had a brand-new vehicle ever in his life,” Amy explained. “We can go mudding in that truck!”

For her case, Amy selected case number eight because she and her husband were married in August. For the first round, Amy has to open nine cases. In her first four picks, Amy knocked off three high numbers, including the $3.5 million. While everyone else winced, Alyssa and Aron smiled.

The Banker called with an offer of $152,000. Amy refused it. She had to open four cases during the next round. Afterward, there were $100, $850,000, and $2.5 million left on the board. Cue the Banker’s call. Amy’s new offer is $825,000.

Joe asked Aron, her teammate, what his thoughts were. He advised her to follow her heart. Now Alyssa and Aron were looking nervous. Once again, Amy declined the offer.

She only has to open one case in the next round. Amy explained that at camp, when the tent mates picked their beds, Miranda was number two. So, she selected that case for Miranda. It knocked out the $2.5 million. So, the Banker called back with another offer. It had gone down to $467,000. Once again, Amy rejected it. Then the phone rang again.

Before Amy could find out if she made a good deal or a bad deal, The Banker wanted Aron to open the Banker’s Bonus case. It said, “No elimination tonight.”

Who was eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island, Episode 6?

Photo by: Monty Brinton/NBC

No one was eliminated in Deal or No Deal Island.

The Banker certainly loves to toy with our emotions, doesn’t he? Just for fun, Joe wanted to see if Amy made a good deal or a bad deal. It would have been a good deal because Amy’s case contained the $850,000. Now the final case total is $2,841,000.

Amy wasn’t happy with the Banker’s Bonus, labeling it, “Banker’s bullsh*t.” She was disappointed that she didn’t get to send Alyssa or Aron home.

Deal or No Deal Island continues on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.


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