Photo by: Greg Doherty/Bravo via Getty Images

What Captain Lee Would Have Done Differently in Below Deck Season 11

Below Deck, Season 11 is currently making waves on Bravo. The unspoken elephant on this yacht is the absence of the stud of the seas. Now, don’t get me wrong, as Captain Kerry Titheradge is definitely alluring. However, Captain Lee Rosbach’s the OG of this series, so this new season is just hitting a tiny bit differently in his absence.

That said, you can remove the Capt from filming, but you cannot remove him from his thoughts post-firing. You see, Captain Lee’s got a podcast now, and he’s making it known that he’s still watching his former series. As for his thoughts on Captain Kerry’s first season in his old wheelhouse, this plank-walked leader is spilling his salty tea, detailing the one thing that he would have chosen to do differently. But no worries, as Captain Lee mostly supports his replacement, for now, that is.

Captain Lee chimes in

During a March episode of his Salty With Captain Lee podcast, Captain Lee and his cohost, Sam DeCavalcanti, talked about the recent departures of Jared Woodin and Cat Baugh on BD. On Jared’s exit, Captain Lee reminded his listeners that Jared “woke the skipper up twice in the same night.” He then compared this to Dane Jackson, who had woken him up three times back in Season 3. Naturally, Captain Lee axed Dane, so on Jared’s firing, he gets it, and he doesn’t “fault Kerry for that” decision.

However, Captain Lee further revealed that he “probably would have gotten rid of him earlier than that.” In his own words, “You can’t work through something with somebody that doesn’t wanna carry their end of the water.” This one I didn’t quite get. Thankfully, Captain Lee further explained, noting that as Jared wasn’t “willing to pick up a bucket and carry the water at least part of the way, to try and put the fire out, it [his job] ain’t gonna happen.”

As for Cat’s exit, Captain Lee was empathetic. “She left on her own…when somebody’s got to go, they gotta go. The reason she was leaving was nobody else’s but hers,” he says.

All opinions aside, Captain Lee also sounded off on Ben Willoughby’s promotion to the Bosun position. “Is he keeping his pants up?,” he asked. When his co-host said nope, Captain Lee chuckled, saying “Benny Benny Benny, that’s not so good. You’re gonna regret that.”