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Shannon Beador Claims She ‘Offered to Pay’ John Janssen $75K, but He Didn’t Agree to Terms

Wow. Shannon Beador’s ex-boyfriend, John Janssen, is suing her for $75,000. That’s the amount he says she owes him. Seriously? Does he need the money to buy an engagement ring for Alexis Bellino?

“I offered to pay John the exact amount that he wanted,” Shannon said on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live on April 1. “He turned the deal down because he didn’t want to sign a mutual non-disparagement agreement, and that’s standard in most settlements. That’s where you say you’re not gonna talk badly about someone.”

Now Shannon’s legal counsel feels the best thing to do is to just let the case play out at trial. “It’s frustrating because now my hands are tied,” she says. “What am I supposed to do? Say, ‘Here’s all this money that you claim that I owe you, and go ahead. Say whatever you want about me.’ No. My attorney said I can’t let you do that, so I have to now go to trial.”

$75k for plastic surgery

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On March 20, John sued Shannon for breach of oral contract and promissory fraud. The Real Housewives of Orange County star’s ex claims she borrowed $75,000 from him for two surgeries and never repaid it.

Court documents allege that Shannon asked John to loan her the money in 2022. He initially gave her $40,000 for a plastic surgery procedure, followed by an additional $35,000. John is claiming that Shannon never paid him back, even though he says she verbally agreed to pay him back with interest.

But Shannon claims that during their three-year relationship, she also gave John money.

“There were two times where he gave me money,” the mom of three said. “[But] there were many times where I paid for things … So you wanna go tit for tat? You want me to show the tens of thousands of dollars that I spent?”

“Let me be clear,” Shannon continued. “For the second half of our relationship, John paid for stuff. But at the beginning, I did. So when we traveled … John only bought me one airline ticket in our entire relationship. I always [paid] … I took him to New York four times in four months in our first six months of dating.”

Shannon says they never had any written agreement to pay each other back. It was just money they spent in a dating relationship.

“At the very beginning of the relationship, he said, ‘You’re my future. You’re my person,’” the Real for Real creator said. “That’s what he said, and … I felt this comfort with him right away. I thought we were going to be together forever.”

John moves on

In January 2023, Shannon sadly announced her breakup with John, insisting they were still friends. But the following November, John and Alexis met at the Quiet Woman Restaurant in Corona Del Mar. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

Now Alexis is returning to RHOC for Season 18 (she was previously on Seasons 5 through 8), alongside Shannon. That won’t be awkward at all.

While she’s sad that John’s moved on with someone else, Shannon has no idea why he decided to sue her. “I really don’t know,” she says. “Is he spending a lot of money? I don’t know what he does for work anymore.”

“I want to move forward with my life [and] don’t want to think about John Janssen,” she adds.” “I’m in a really good place mentally and I want to keep going forward, not backward.”

When Us Weekly asked for comment from John’s attorney, his representation denied that John ever paid Shannon the $75,000 as a gift.

“[Ms.] Beador’s defense that Mr. Janssen paid her the $75,000 as a ‘gift’ is completely meritless, which their emails and text messages will show,” John’s attorneys said in a March 22 statement. “Mr. Janssen is saddened that Ms. Beador’s unwillingness to repay the loans made it necessary to file this lawsuit.”

But according to Shannon, she did offer to repay the $75,000. John just didn’t want to sign an NDA in exchange for the payoff. So he’d rather reserve the right to badmouth his ex? Nice guy. It should be interesting to see what the judge has to say.

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