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The Valley Episode 4 Preview: Kristen Doute Branded ‘Crazy Person’ by Michelle Lally

Michelle Lally slammed Kristen Doute as a “crazy person” in a preview for the next episode of The Valley

The sneak peek picked up where Episode 3 of Season 1 left off. Tensions were at an all-time high during a cast dinner when Michelle called Kristen out for allegedly saying she was a “racist and a Republican.” Jesse Lally also had choice words for the former Vanderpump Rules star. “You disrespected my family name,” he yelled. “We have a business that we run together. If something like that gets out, you’re ruining lives.” 

In her confessional, Michelle told producers she didn’t find it fair she had to defend her name based on Kristen’s accusations. “I feel like an a—hole that I have to say, ‘I am not a racist.’ And it’s because a crazy person didn’t want to feel attacked anymore, so she decided to attack me.”

Kristen apologized for spreading damaging rumors about Michelle Lally on The Valley 

After listening to Jesse and Michelle’s statements, Kristen apologized for the hurt she caused them. “I am so sorry to both of you that I reacted the way that I did and that I even opened my mouth,” she said. 

Kristen told the cameras at the end of Episode 3 that she understood how damaging her words could have been. “It is the worst thing in the world to be labeled as anything, let alone a racist. And nobody knows better than me because it happened to me, and I was canceled.” 

She continued, saying she was not “proud” of how she treated her former cast mate, Faith Stowers. “But I’ve learned from my mistakes. These are my friends sitting here; they know my past, and all I wanted to do was pick up the pieces and move on with my life [and] be a good person.”

The Valley continues on Tuesdays at 9/8c.