Bravolebrities That Could Lead a Bravo Dating Show

West Wilson
Photo by: Noam Galai/BRAVO via Getty Images

No matter what anyone says, most people, including our favorite Bravolebrities, want to find love—a safe place to rest their hearts at night. But sadly, it hasn’t always worked out for our favorite reality stars. However, thanks to a few funny characters who have made a joke about their failing love life, it has become apparent that some personalities could possibly host their own dating show. Think Love Boat meets The Dating Game. Let’s take a look at a few options for a Bravolebrities Dating Show.

Luann de Lesseps

When she is single, Luann de Lesseps is a nuisance. She steals her friend’s guys, makes sure she is the number one flirt in the group, and won’t quit until she gets a number or two. But imagine the Countess on her very own dating show. The dates would be hilarious as she courts numerous men from the wealthy barrel of New York City. Obviously, she would need a French speaker so she could practice, a man who loves to travel, and someone who doesn’t mind attending her karaoke cabaret performances on a regular basis. 

Captain Jason Chambers

There is no doubt in my mind that Captain Jason Chambers could star in his version of The Love Boat. He would need a woman who is good with children since he has one daughter and a partner who loves to give back since Jason works with the Mares Foundation to bring about ocean awareness. Captain Jason isn’t actively looking for love but would make a great host if a show had a quick weekend boat ride with a few singles and one lucky contestant who wanted to make it official. Captain Jason could even officiate if needed! 

Adriana de Moura

All the network needs is a series called One Night in Miami that highlights Adriana de Moura’s expansive dating life. The Brazilian hottie is cultured and spirited, which would make for great TV, especially if she didn’t like her social date. I’d like to see Adriana have a dating show, like the original Blind Date, where she knows nothing about her suitor and has to spend the evening on a date of their choice. Naturally, we would also need the sassy pop-up bubbles to explain her thoughts. The show would be witty and humorous but also highlight some of Miami’s cultural hot spots. 

West Wilson

Lord, give me more of West Wilson! As one of the younger Bravolebs on this list, he would be a great asset to try to push into love. I could see a West and the City kind of series showing the Montana native living it up in the Big Apple and trying to find love. If things don’t work out with Ciara Miller, Bravo could always have West embrace his bachelor vibe and widdle down each woman by handing out a Loverboy. I’d watch it and possibly even try to be a contestant! 

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore is our “Gone with the Wind fabulous” housewife who hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to falling in love. First, we had crazy Matt, who trashed her home, and then her failed marriage to Marc Daly. Beneath that hard exterior, the mother of one is fragile and would need a show that felt heartwarming and stable. I almost would want to see Kenya on a show like Are You The One because, at this rate, she needs science to hook her up with a good lad. 

Shep Rose

I know we have already had RealtionShep, but I do believe Shep Rose needs all the help he can get when it comes to settling down. However, I wouldn’t put this man in charge but rather his mother. I’m going to need MTV’s Parental Control to come back into play to help this Charleston playboy out. The premise was to have the parents interview possible dates for their child, and usually, the guardian chose pretty well. Maybe at least this time Shep could find that unicorn of a woman he has been looking for and finally settle down.