Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2, Episode 3 Recap: He’s Not Welcome in the House

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 2, Episode 3 recap
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Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2 is already proving to be one of Bravo’s best new shows in years. Each episode provides watchers with drama, drama, and more drama. Episode 2 focused on Noelle, Alex, and Summer’s triangular situationship, Shanice’s feelings being hurt by Summer’s shady comment, and some of the men and women feeling weird about Nick’s touchy/feely nature. We weren’t sure how Episode 3 could top that, but it did, and the watch was so worth it. Here’s everything that went down in Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2, Episode 3: Dishonorable Guests.

Nick, Summer, and Jordan continued… 

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 2, Episode 3
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Episode 2 of the season ended with Nick asking Jordan and Summer if he had ever made them uncomfortable in the past. Jordan replied, stating the obvious, “You do get handsy.”

It’s nothing new for Nick. Several of the women have questioned his intentions since Episode 1 of Season 1. Jordan and Summer reassured him that although he can be touchy, it’s never inappropriate. “Like, you get close when you’re drunk,” Summer said. You could tell Nick was frustrated. “If you’re my friend just keep it a hundred with me and tell me how you’re feeling in that moment,” he said.

Despite his annoyance, he owned his part, and it was refreshing to see. Maybe some of the Housewives should take note. 

On the other hand, though, Jordan said in her confessional that Nick’s inability to stay in his bubble looks “crazy” since he’s in a relationship. Some of the men have noted this, too. Will he ever catch the memo? That is yet to be determined. 

How does everybody feel about Phil? 

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 2, Episode 3 recap
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As we know, Season 2 introduced us to a new cast member, Noelle. But we also lost a few, including Mariah Torres and Phil Brooks. Well, Phil was more of a cameo. If you could even call it that. He never made it past day one because he used the bathroom in Nick’s toilet and refused to flush it. He also made questionable comments toward Preston, such as telling him to stop being “soft.” 

Phil and Mariah were visiting Martha’s Vineyard to vacation on their own, and Jasmine and Bria wanted to bring the idea of allowing them to visit the house to the group. Jordan immediately shot it down, saying he “can stay where he’s at.” 

Amir said, “he shouldn’t,” before explaining that Phil disrespected Nick and Preston and wanted problems with him too. “He gives me a lot of vibes that I think are very off-putting and unhealthy as f*ck,” Preston said. “How he came in last year — he makes me feel uncomfortable. Absolutely no.” 

Alex told producers that Phil’s presence in the house last year was “toxic,” and he questioned why Bria and Shanice would want somebody like that around. “It definitely ruined how I viewed their opinion of other people,” he said. 

Mariah, Mariah, Mariah… 

When the conversation turned toward Mariah, Bria stormed off, saying people weren’t addressing the fact that Mariah “disrespected” her by pushing her in a Season 1 episode. Many of the other roommates were on board with her visiting, and Bria quickly moved on. 

Outside, Bria and Shanice called Phil to tell him he wasn’t allowed in the house. They let him know that many of the roommates still have “strong feelings” about him coming. Phil admitted that he was wild last summer but said he didn’t really remember what he did. 

In another clip, Preston cried to Amir, telling him it was frustrating for others to question his feelings about not feeling safe around Phil. 

Phil told Bria that he’s “grown since then,” but, in the same breath, said no “grown ass man” could be that upset with him that he didn’t want him present. 

Later, they discussed Mariah coming, and Phil told Bria that Mariah was already planning to come to the house regardless of the house vote. “Jasmine is flying Mariah out,” he said. “She’s landing on the first.” Bria was visibly upset, saying she felt “played” because Jasmine had already booked Mariah’s ticket. “That was a punch in the face,” she told producers. 

Bria questions Jasmine about her intentions

The cast went to dinner for fresh oysters, lobster rolls, and mushroom tacos. After the food arrived and everybody took an oyster shot, Bria brought up the elephant in the room. “Quick question, Jasmine,” she said before asking if it was “pre-meditated to have Mariah here in the house.” 

“I mean, I definitely wanted to invite her for sure,” Jasmine said. “But, like, is her ticket already booked?” Bria asked. “As of now, it is,” Jasmine said, to which Bria replied, “Since when?” 

“Probably last night,” Jasmine said before producers flashed Mariah’s ticket confirmation on screen, showing her flight was booked five days before their conversation. 

Jordan called Jasmine out, saying booking Mariah’s flight before speaking to Bria wasn’t cool. Jasmine said that booking her flight wasn’t to be shady; it was an “economic choice.” Period. 

The group moved on, but Bria still wasn’t over it. She called a call service and went home. Preston said that Bria walks out so often he hoped the next time it would be back to NYC or Germany to visit her boyfriend, Simon Marco

Noelle and Alex define the relationship…

Episode 2 showcased Summer and Noelle discussing their mutual interest in Alex. Since Summer declared she was over him despite spilling their tea during the first day of filming, Noelle had the floor to make her move. 

Alex and Noelle snuck away during their night out, and Noelle was very direct. “I think you’re an attractive person, and I think you’re cool,” she said. “A toxic trait of mine is that sometimes I can become territorial of people … So, it’s like you talking to a girl in there — ‘Damn, it’s in my face. Like, hmm.’ You’re single, and I want you to move freely without the thoughts of me. But, I still want you to think of me as somebody that can be an interest.” 

Alex, taken back, told her he thought she was “sweet” but has been through many experiences where people “create expectations of me.” Noelle replied, “Like this?” Alex said yes. 

In his confessional, he told producers that he wanted to practice taking things slow. He said Noelle is great, but since she’s Summer’s friend, he’s not “for the drama.” During Noelle’s confessional, she expressed her hurt. “That’s just a cute way of saying, ‘No, I’m not interested.’ I feel very much naive. I was trying to go off of the encouragement of what some of my housemates had said, and then when I put myself out there, I get burned. 

Summer and Jordan’s feud begins… 

During the car ride home, Jordan told Summer they needed to talk. While at dinner, they had a brief moment where they butted heads over a misunderstanding. “You interrupted me, and then you want to turn up, and I don’t understand what’s going on,” Jordan said.

They continued to go back and forth, and Preston said they weren’t listening to each other. More screaming ensued before Summer slammed the car door and ran inside. Then? The familiar…


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