Lauri Peterson
Photo by: Jeff Gritchen/Digital First Media/Orange County Register via Getty Images

Lauri Peterson’s Son Josh Waring Dies Aged 35

Sometimes, this world grows a little bit heavier than the norm. In these times, it’s important to fall back on your community, and to also allow yourself space to grieve. This is exactly what Lauri Peterson, a Real Housewives of Orange County alum, is now doing, after the tragic passing of her son, Josh Waring. Josh’s death is a very raw topic, so to his mother, his precious daughter Kennady, and his circle of friends and family, we lend you our support.

To briefly explain, substance abuse problems took hold of Josh’s life at a fairly early age. This is why Laura left RHOC in 2008, as she desired to focus on her boy’s struggles. To best respect this family, I will not speak any more on Josh’s battles. Instead, I will focus now on Lauri’s heartfelt, emotional statement, which speaks on the brighter times that were found in her son’s often-troubled life.

The post that no parent ever wants to make

“It is with a shattered heart that I write this post to let you know that my sweet Josh left this earth Easter Sunday,” Lauri begins. She then shared that “Every fiber in my body hurts,” which, gutted me. Lauri also briefly touched on his struggles, noting that “Josh fought every single day for most of his adult life, for his life, but this past Sunday, the challenge was too great.”

Turning towards the positive, Lauri then recalled the brighter moments. She spoke about her boy’s childhood, which was filled with “humor,” “pranks,” “athletics,” “reading,” “friends” and a “love for music.” She also stressed that no matter what, her son’s humor remained intact.

To close, Lauri wrote “Heaven has gained the coolest angel and you have gained your freedom at last sweet boy. Love always and forever, Mom.”

Lauri, if you are reading this, give yourself grace. You fought hard for your boy, and he was lucky to have you.