Photo by: Bryan Bedder/BRAVO via Getty Images

Video: Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2 Home Tour

The cast of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard is back for another season, and they’re showing off their new pad in a fun video. 

Thanks to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, they caught up with Bria Fleming, Amir Lancaster, and Shanice Henderson for a house tour of their fancy crib on the Vineyard. As the tour started, the trio introduced watchers to their newest roommate, Noelle Hughley, who’s residing in what she called “the study.” Her room is also where “everything goes down,” including “girl talk, haircare, makeup, you name it.” 

Next, Amir took viewers to the kitchen to meet up with Preston Mitchum. “Not only is this the place where we party, this is also a place where we relax,” Amir said while Preston made himself a dirty martini. 

What else does the Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard crib have to offer? 

Upstairs are a few more bedrooms that house Shanice, Summer Marie Thomas, and Jordan Emanuel. Amir noted that Bria’s room is “the best room in the house” because of its features, including a balcony and natural light. “I gave up the primary bedroom for this room,” Bria told the cameras. 

Outside, Shanice explained that the house’s trampoline was “actually my favorite part of the house,” and Amir pointed to the grill, saying they enjoy cooking “hamburgers, hotdogs, [and] corn on the cob.” 

Alex Tyree sat by the firepit and explained he enjoys chilling there in his spare time. He stated he could do without the fire since the fire is “in my soul.” 

Jordan called the house’s pool her “mermaid lair,” while Amir said it’s one of the most “iconic” spots where some of their “greatest nights” happened. They also teased that a few parties were taped there throughout the season, including neon-night (Episode 3) and Freaknik. 

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard continues on Sundays at 9/8c.