EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother Canada Season 12 Evictee Matthew Wong on His Showmance and Eviction

Big Brother Canada Season 12 - Matthew Wong
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The chaos in Big Brother Canada Season 12 isn’t letting up, and this week saw Matthew Wong evicted from the house in yet another shocking backdoor eviction. This vote was closer than ever, with just four votes sending Matthew back home. Reality Tea Managing Editor Daniel Falconer got the opportunity to chat to Matthew all about his eviction, as well as his showmance with fellow BBCAN12 houseguest Lexus, and more.

On Avery’s decision to nominate him

Big Brother Canada - Matthew Wong
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Daniel Falconer: Obviously, you’ve not had too long to reflect on everything just yet. But, with the little bit of time you have had, how are you feeling?

Matthew Wong: It’s definitely a switch-up to be back to reality and outside the house. I’m a very social person so I do love to be around people. Going from being with 14 other people, 24 hours a day for the past 40 days, to being back to reality is definitely a switch-up. But I’m grateful for the opportunity and experience I had with everyone.

It’s definitely quite jarring. I didn’t think it would be such a change coming out into the real world. Obviously, it’s been a short amount of time, and I’m sure I will adjust. I have a great support system with my family and friends; I’m super close to them, so I know they’ll help me through this time. It’s nice just to be back, and I can slowly get back into a routine and get back on that grind.

Daniel: Avery was sobbing while putting you up on the block and in her goodbye message. Why do you think it was such an emotional choice for her?

Matthew: Avery and I had a really good personal relationship. Honestly, she reminded me of my little sister, so it was easy for us to be weird and quirky. We can just be ourselves around each other. That being said, it was more a personal relationship than a game relationship. We had The Directors, but I know she had an alliance from early on in the game with five other Directors members. Just looking at the grand scheme of things, I do think it was probably the best thing for her and half of her alliance to vote for me to leave this week. Just because I believe Dougie and Lexus would’ve chosen me over anyone in that alliance when it came down to it.

The structure of the house and differing alliances

Big Brother Canada - Matthew Wong
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Daniel: Do you think that was what tipped the scales for you to go home this week?

Matthew: One assumes that there was also a girls’ alliance, so I feel that Bayleigh feels comfortable with the girls as well, even though she’s not in that five-person alliance. Todd and Bayleigh have a good relationship, too, so I think that was probably the reason why I had to go for them this week.

With Lexus, Dougie, and I, that’s a lifetime thing. We have the strongest relationship; I think that’ll continue on the outside. They had to get me out. I’m a physical threat; I think if they waited any longer, Tola, myself, Dougie, and Lexus, we could’ve really switched up the power in the house. Right now, I feel like Spicy and those girls really have a good grip on things in there.

Daniel: Do you think lines are officially drawn following your eviction?

Matthew: I definitely think a line was drawn this week. I thought I could trust Spicy; I really think Dougie, Lexus and Tola thought they could trust Spicy as well, but now they truly see where her allegiance lies. It’ll be interesting to see how everything goes moving forward. That next HOH is definitely a huge one. Whoever wins that is really gonna take control of this game and really switch up the power if it’s somebody from my side. If someone from the other side wins this week, they’re gonna get a stronger grip on things.

A showmance with Lexus and bromance with Dougie

Big Brother Canada - Matthew Wong
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Daniel: Let’s jump into your showmance! You and Lexus are clearly very close. What is it about Lexus that really drew you to her?

Matthew: Obviously, Lexus is a beautiful girl, but it was definitely her mindset, he character, her soul, I guess. I’ve seen a lot of pretty girls, and that comes and goes, but she has the whole package. Everything I could ask for in a girl is essentially Lexus. So, I tried to stay away from her for as long as I could to be honest! But just being in a house with somebody 24 hours a day, and being away from my family which is my safe spot and comfort, I just naturally gravitated towards Lexus. That’s where I felt safe, with her. She’s a beautiful girl inside and out, so I think it was just a matter of time. As everyone saw, I just slowly created feelings for her.

Daniel: Alongside the showmance, you had your bromance with Anthony. Was he someone you wanted to work with as soon as you realized he was in the game?

Matthew: Yeah. To be honest, I never watched Anthony’s season. I did watch Spicy’s season before coming into the house, but I knew when I saw Dougie that’s somebody I was gonna bond with right away. With Lexus choosing to be on Dougie’s side and having safety that week, from a numbers standpoint and relationship-building, I thought it was best for me to go onto Spicy’s Entourage just to try and stay safe that first week. If she happened to lose that HOH, which she did, I knew right off the bat there would be no issues in creating that bond with Anthony. He’s someone that resembles my friends back home, people that I vibe with, so I knew that wasn’t gonna be an issue. Anthony’s like a big brother to me.

What if things were different?

Big Brother Canada - Matthew Wong
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Daniel: In an alternate universe where you stay in the house and win the next HOH, who are you targeting for eviction and why?

Matthew: it would have really depended on if Spicy voted for me or not, or how I got that fourth vote. I would’ve stayed loyal to that person who stayed loyal to me. I would’ve put on Kayla or Bayleigh, but it would depend on whether one of them voted for me in the four. Then I would’ve switched them with Avery or even Spicy.

Daniel: Finally, at this stage in the game, who do you think has what it takes to go all the way to the final three?

Matthew: I think Lexus is in a good position. She’s a comp beast and I’ve gotta rock with my girl. I’m really hoping Tola goes all the way, too; he’s just a great man. He’s got what it takes to win the competitions, but I know everyone will be gunning for him, especially with me out; he’s that top physical threat in the house. I’m really hoping that he can find his way all to the end.

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This interview has been edited for conciseness and clarity.