Monica Garcia boyfriend Braxton Knight
Braxton Knight via Facebook

Photos: Monica Garcia’s Mystery Boyfriend Braxton Revealed

Monica Garcia just revealed that she’s pregnant with her 29-year-old boyfriend. However, when she made this big announcement, she failed to give us any real tea, other than his first name. Now, I’m a Meghan King Edmonds and Kristen Doute styled-detective, so I just found her baby-daddy, and his full name is Braxton Knight.

For Monica, it’s now time to say goodbye to Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and hello to Braxton and baby number five. Lawd, that sounds exhausting. But no worries, I have enough strength left in me to tell you about what I’ve gathered so far on this father-to-be.

Braxton’s a man about town

Monica Garcia's boyfriend Braxton Knight
Photo Credit: Braxton Knight via Facebook

We already know that Braxton’s 29, since Monica herself gave us this tiny little breadcrumb. The pair met when he was 28. I’ve also gathered that he’s got a love of travel. He’s checked himself into locations like New York City, Anaheim, CA, and of course, Utah. Monica is not pictured in any of his snaps, however.

Gym, snow, lightsabers

Monica Garcia's boyfriend Braxton Knight
Photo Credit: Braxton Knight via Facebook

In Utah, Braxton’s main activities seem to be hitting the gym and grinding on the snow. He goes hard in both. In one post, he’d fallen over into the powder, and it took him a few beats to lodge himself out of his position. “If you’re not getting stuck, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough,” he explained.

He then used the hashtag #doublestuck. Dude’s about to get #triplestuck once those diaper duties begin!

In addition to hitting the gym, Braxton is also a golf fan, and a Star Wars appreciator. After a recent trip to Disneyland, Braxton wrote that “the little kid in me came out and I totally geeked out.” He seems like a good egg!

Photo Credit: Braxton Knight via Facebook

We have reached out to Monica for comment, and will update accordingly, should she respond.

Until then, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is streaming on Peacock.