Andre Mitchell in Vanderpump Villa
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Vanderpump Villa Star Andre Mitchell’s DUI Arrest History Revealed

One of the staff on Lisa Vanderpump’s new show, Vanderpump Villa, has a criminal record. Ironically, one of the mixologists, Andre Mitchell, has a DWI record in his past.

Court documents show that Andre was arrested twice for Driving While Intoxicated in his home state of Texas. The first incident happened in October 2018, followed by a second in March 2020.

He went to court both times. The 2018 case was dismissed, while he was convicted of DWI in 2020.

Speeding under the influence

According to The U.S. Sun, Travis County cops pulled Andre over on October 5, 2018, for going 100 mph in a 65 mph zone. At first, Andre lied about having consumed any alcohol before confessing he’d had “one crown royal apple shot.”

After police administered a breathalyzer test – he blew .119, above the legal limit of .08 – they conducted other field tests. Officers found that Andre “lost balance,” “failed to touch heel to toe,” and “turned improperly.” He also “swayed” when walking, “slurred” his speech, and had a “strong” smell of alcohol on his breath.

Arrested and required to put up a $3,000 bond, Andre appeared in court a couple of weeks later. He then completed an alcohol assessment survey through Travis County Counseling and Education Services.

A second DUI arrest for Vanderpump Villa’s Andre

Photo: Gilles Mingasson /Hulu

Andre was arrested a second time on March 9, 2020. After arriving at the scene where a vehicle had “backed into another car,” police noticed his “disorderly” clothing, “bloodshot” and “glossy” eyes, “slurred speech,” and a “strong” smell of alcohol.

After refusing a breath test, the police performed a blood alcohol test to confirm intoxication. Andre was charged with having a blood alcohol concentration of .15 or more. He then admitted to consuming “two to three Crown Apple and Sprite’s” during a four-hour time period. Andre was then arrested and required to post a $5000 bond.

His case finally went to court over a year and a half later, on September 22, 2021. Following his conviction, Andre received 12 months of probation, was handed a $4,000 fine, and was ordered to complete 30 hours of community service. His 2018 DWI case was dismissed at the same time.

Following the conviction, Andre was ordered to complete a drug and alcohol assessment at Counseling and Education Services (CES), participate in a drunk driving panel class, and complete a DWI Offender Certified Education Class.

In addition, he was ordered to complete additional counseling and treatment as recommended by his Supervision Officer. As part of his recovery program, he was ordered to install an ignition interlock in his vehicle, which screens for alcohol before he can start the car.

Andre was officially discharged from probation in September 2022.

The big teddy bear

Photo: Gilles Mingasson /Hulu

So far on the show, Andre is the big guy with a sweet temperament. He appreciates the opportunity Lisa’s given him, unlike some of his coworkers who like to push the boundaries.

On one occasion, when everyone else went overboard on the drinking and partying, Andre was one of the few who observed the rules. Lisa noticed his restraint and actually commended him for it. It never hurts to score points with the boss.

Vanderpump Villa is now streaming on Hulu.