Vanderpump Villa Episode 5 Recap: Lisa Punishes Marciano for His Antics

Vanderpump Villa Episode 5 recap
Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu

Welcome back for the Vanderpump Villa Episode 5 recap. Last time, Marciano and Grace were involved in a screaming match. This week’s episode, “Revenge of Les Dames” features the ladies getting some attention from a group of male guests. Here’s everything that you need to know about Vanderpump Villa Episode 5!

Marciano’s wandering lips

Vanderpump Villa Episode 5
Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu

After her confrontation with Marciano, Emily took Grace outside. They were joined by Telly, Gabriella, and Hannah. When asked what happened, Grace recounted the story about how Marciano dissed the chef. She also told Hannah, “I love you so much, but the man who you have connected to is a piece of sh*t.”

Hannah didn’t understand why Grace was so upset. She told Grace to give him a second chance, but that was a hard no. Meanwhile, Marciano was plying the guest of honor’s friend, Gayle, with tequila. Then he kissed her, right in front of event coordinator Gabriella.

Gabriella and Telly broke the news to Hannah that her man was playing tonsil hockey with a guest. Hannah was shocked and in disbelief. While crying in her confessional, she announced, “He is a piece of sh*t.” Finally – this group agrees on something! She added, “I’m like dirt on the floor to him.”

Priscilla and Telly comforted her, but as Priscilla noted in her confessional, Hannah had issues with both of them because of Marciano. Hannah has defended him to everyone, and she is done. None of her friends at Chateau Rosabelle understand why she put up with Marciano for so long. “I feel like I’m so pretty, I don’t understand,” Hannah stated.

Some comments weren’t rosy

Vanderpump Villa Episode 5 recap
Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu

While Hannah was being professional and working, Marciano was snoozing. At the Final Toast, the guests filled out their comment cards. They discussed how the staff’s loud fighting ruined elements of their trip. They were up until 5 a.m. because of the yelling.

And Lisa was not pleased when she read the comment card. When she noticed Marciano arriving late to see off the guests, she was furious. Lisa called Andre into her office and asked him for an honest account of the night’s events. He reluctantly told her that he thought that Marciano kissed one of the guests, and Hannah found out. The Vanderpump Rules star was shocked.

A group apology

Vanderpump Villa Episode 5
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At the morning meeting, Lisa called out Marciano for his “aggressive” behavior. She also suggested that he apologize to the entire group. Marciano went to the front of the classroom room and looked at his co-workers. He apologized and said that it would never happen again.

He asked for forgiveness but understood that some people might not be feeling it. Lisa asked, “Do we acknowledge his apology?” Hannah replied, “No.”

Grace hoped that she would eventually receive a private apology from Marciano. But Hannah would like Marciano to realize the ripple effect of his actions and take accountability. Good luck with that, Hannah!

The new guest of honor is Chizi. He is bringing along five single men, and one lady, to celebrate this special occasion. Chizi was in a terrible car accident and the physicians didn’t know if he would ever walk again. He is here to celebrate his recovery with his closest friends.

So, what is on their itinerary? A Booze and Boules activity is up first. Boules is like bocci. And then a Roast and Toast Dinner. Then Day 2 features a Night at the Moulin Rouge-themed dinner.

Lisa puts Marciano in his place

Vanderpump Villa Episode 5 recap
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Lisa called Marciano into her office. She has lost confidence in him as her lead server. According to Marciano, his work hasn’t suffered. “Sometimes apologizing isn’t enough,” Lisa said. “You have to have a consequence.”

She explained that if he worked for her back home, he would be suspended for two weeks. But since she can’t do that here, Marciano will work in the kitchen under Chef Anthony. In the end, Marciano is planning to redeem himself and impress Lisa.

Then he went to talk to Hannah. Marciano said that he was sorry, but Hannah was ready. “You not only hurt me, you hurt everybody in the house,” she said. She doesn’t want to talk to him or be in a relationship with him at the moment. The betrayal is too fresh. I swear, Marciano gives off Jax Taylor vibes, especially when he is apologizing.

Life in the dish-pit

Vanderpump Villa Episode 5
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Caroline and Anthony were surprised that Marciano would be their kitchen helper. And Lisa made it plain that Marciano was to stay until every last dish was cleaned. Chef Anthony called Marciano’s kitchen assignment “sweet revenge.”

The female staff members were thrilled to have a group of men coming to the chateau. Hannah chatted with Dan, and she told him to look her up the next time he is in Las Vegas.

As for Marciano, he was freaking out because he was trapped in the kitchen and couldn’t see what Hannah was doing. The chef also forced him to wear a hairnet. I’m breaking out my tissues. He should be thankful, or else he would be watching Hannah and Priscilla taking body shots off the guests.

Normally, Lisa frowned on the staff drinking with the guests, but if it makes the guests, and the ladies, happy then she is willing to overlook it.

Marciano asked Eric to beg Hannah not to do anything that would alter their non-existent relationship. Meanwhile, Marciano was “livid” about what he had already heard about Hannah.

Meanwhile, at the Booze and Boules event, Gabriella also noticed Dan. He asked her to take a turn with the boules, and she did amazing. Then she jumped up into his arms. Look, Gabriella is “horny” and all signs are pointing at Dan since nothing concrete has developed with Andre.

When the losing team jumped in the pool, Hannah and Priscilla joined them. While Lisa was not impressed by the ladies’ behavior, she decided to let it go.

A roast and a toast dinner

Vanderpump Villa Episode 5 recap
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For an appetizer, the group dined on tomato soup with mini-grilled cheese sandwiches, and then roasted prime beef with roasted carrots, peas, and potatoes. And for dessert, the chefs have whipped up an English pudding called “spotted dick.” Was that the only option available? It sounds like a medical condition, not a dessert.

Then the group headed outside under the twinkling lights to get a drink at the old-fashioned bar. Hannah, Gabriella, Emily, Grace, and Priscilla changed clothes and looked fabulous. They were ready to party. Eric can’t even get these guys to take a shot or pop some champagne. He left, disgusted by the guests.

Hannah invited Dan to the indoor bar and asked about his longest relationship. Hannah admitted she was in a long relationship but went for the wrong man. Finally, she decided that she wasn’t going to hook up with Dan. She went to bed and sent him back out to the whiskey bar.

Dan ended up chatting with Gabriella and flirting with her. Andre thought that he and Gabriella were vibing. After Andre went inside, Dan told Gabriella that she was his type, and kissed her.

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