EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother Canada Season 12 Evictee Elijah ‘Goose’ Kazlauskas on Making Jury and Spicy Vee’s Power

Big Brother Canada Elijah
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Big Brother Canada’s first ever Movie Night Massacre saw Elijah ‘Goose’ Kazlauskas evicted from the Season 12 house, but the North Bay native did become the first member of the Jury. After host Arisa Cox told the houseguests that their survival was at risk, things went crazy. And while Elijah wasn’t an initial nominee, when Kayla pulled herself off the block, he became her replacement. Elijah was sent home in a unanimous vote, so we caught up with him to chat all about his BBCAN12 experience, making Jury, and more.

On making Jury and qualities of a BBCAN winner

Big Brother Canada Elijah
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Daniel Falconer: You’re out of the Big Brother house, but you are the first member of the Jury! How does that feel, knowing you still have a role to play in the game?

Elijah Kazlauskas: Honestly, I cried a little bit when I heard I’d made Jury. I was so glad, it was amazing. I’m so blessed to be in Jury and I’m gonna do my best to be a good Juror.

Daniel: What will you be looking for in your winner of Big Brother Canada Season 12?

Elijah: I feel like the game is basically like, competition gameplay, strategic gameplay, social gameplay, and also how much control a player had, how good their positioning was; those are gonna be the things I’m factoring in, and how well they did them.

Daniel: Is there anybody in the house right now who is already embodying what you’re looking for in a winner?

Elijah: I’ve never seen a season before where everybody at this point I can see a decent amount of merit in their gameplay. I think everyone’s doing pretty well in their own way, and I’m gonna need more information. I feel like Spicy Vee is playing the best game out of everyone so far.

Looking back on Big Brother Canada Season 12

Big Brother Canada Elijah
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Daniel: You’ve been on the block several times, so why do you think this was the week the house decided to pull the trigger and evict you?

Elijah: I think it was less getting me out and more Spicy Vee wanting to save Avery, and Avery had a decent number of allies. The people who were away from that group were okay with me going as a compromise, so to speak.

Daniel: Going back to the very start of the season, how did you feel when you were preparing to compete in your first competition, and then two All-Stars walked through the doors?

Elijah: Honestly, that was wild. At that point I started to think that we would be having more people. Anthony and Spicy Vee, it was really surprising. Especially Anthony, I knew he was a genius, amazing player; with Spicy Vee, I thought of her more as a great character, but she’s an exceptional player too, and I think it’s good that people are gonna realize that.

Daniel: How do you personally see the power structure in the house right now?

Elijah: If I’m aware of what’s going on, it’s Spicy Vee, Kayla, Avery, and Bayleigh running things more or less. They’ve got the power, and they’re gonna hold onto it if they can. Everybody else is trying to shift things a bit, but we’ll see. Spicy Vee is so well-insulated that even if Tola, Lexus, or Anthony wins HOH, I don’t think they target Spicy Vee. I think they target Kayla or Avery.

Elijah’s HOH and the Executive Power of Veto

Big Brother Canada Elijah
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Daniel: The Executive Power of Veto came into effect during your HOH. How did you feel about how everything went down there?

Elijah: On the one hand, it was like, ‘okay this might help take some of the heat off of me,’ and I was really glad Todd was saved, because I really didn’t want him to go home that week. On the other hand, I feel like Vivek going was not good for my game. And honestly, I feel like it wasn’t the optimal move for a number of people’s games. So that was a bit frustrating, but what can you do?

Daniel: Hindsight is 20/20, but looking back at your game, do you have any major moments you would change?

Elijah: The first thing I’d change is I should’ve fought hard for none of The Directors going up as a pawn Week 2. I feel like that really sent me on a downward trajectory; it was like dominos, you know? Aside from that, during my HOH, I knew the time was too early for things I wanted to do. So, when I won that I should’ve let Kayla, Avery, Spicy Vee run it. I should’ve been very like, ‘oh what should I do?’ but I pushed my own agenda too [much]. Things spiraled from there.

What if things were different?

Big Brother Canada Elijah
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Daniel: If you had stayed in the house this week and won the next HOH, who would you have been targeting and why?

Elijah: If I had stayed in the house, I’m guessing either Tola or Avery would’ve gone, so I probably would’ve targeted whoever stayed. Because honestly, Lexus, Anthony, and Tola, they all voted against me … so it would’ve been easy to just throw them up. What were they gonna say?

Daniel: Finally, at this point in the game, who do you think is positioned best to get to that final three?

Elijah: Spicy Vee, I feel like she’s played the best game so far. But, the smaller the numbers get, the more possible it’s gonna be for her to go. But she’s a great player, so she could do it. I think if Kayla survives the next bit she’d be in a pretty good spot to get to final three. Spicy Vee, Kayla and Avery … maybe Bayleigh instead of Avery. Those four I feel are in the best spot.

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This interview has been edited for conciseness and clarity.