Photo by: Clifton Prescod/Bravo via Getty Images

Dr. Heavenly Kimes Gets ‘Messy’ With Carlos King

Dr. Heavenly Kimes from Married To Medicine threw a little shade toward Carlos King.

During their annual Messy Monday video chat, Carlos jokingly pointed out that Heavenly was in Africa for vacation. He continued, saying that she told him that when some Bravo women visit the continent, they go with “Quad [Webb] … or Porsha Williams.” If you know, you know. With a smirk, Heavenly replied, “Oh, you wanna be messy? Let’s talk about how you pay them people $2,500 [an episode of your show, Love & Marriage DC].” 

Clearly catching it, Carlos responded, “Don’t do it. Don’t do it.” Heavenly continued, though, attempting to come to Carlos’ defense. “But, no, we start out with that. Actually, when you first start reality TV, you start out with really nothing, right?” However, Carlos shut the conversation down quickly, saying, “We’re not going to get into that. So, we’re good there.” 

What was Heavenly’s comment about? 

In case you don’t keep up with Carlos’ shows on the Oprah Winfrey Network, here’s what you need to know.

Essentially, Carlos’ DC iteration of his franchise, Love & Marriage, has had an explosive first three seasons. There’s a cast member, Winter Harris, who is like the black sheep of the crew. The cast doesn’t really like her, and she doesn’t like them. Plus, she hasn’t hidden her feelings about the show overall, either. 

In an interview about toxic workplaces, Winter alleged that Carlos and his production company, Kingdom Reign Entertainment, have created a hostile work environment for women on set. She referenced her experience during the LAMDC Season 1 reunion, where a male cast member allegedly cursed her out so badly that the editors had to cut and splice the footage so it was suitable for television. 

During another part of the interview, Winter set the record straight on how much they receive per episode. “We do not get Bravo money,” she said. “What I can say because I am contractually bound not to give numbers … it was not over $2,500 an episode.” 

Whew. If this is true, it makes sense why Heavenly lit Carlos up. $2,500 an episode for all of the work and lack of control doesn’t cut it.

Carlos, here is a word of advice: address it. Bravo watchers love your podcast because of the exclusive behind-the-scenes knowledge and opinions you provide listeners. You’ve blasted stars like Robyn Dixon and Ashley Darby for not being real. Why don’t you follow suit and own it? We’re all waiting.