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Marysol Patton Reacts to Todd and Alexia Nepola Divorce Filing

Marysol Patton has spoken up in the wake of Alexia Nepola’s oncoming divorce from Todd. As Alexia’s ride-or-die, it was only a matter of time before Marysol said something.

By her own report, Marysol was just as surprised as everyone else about news of the divorce. When Real Housewives of Miami Season 6 ended, Todd and Alexia seemed fine. That isn’t to say their relationship was problem-free.

Fans saw Todd let Alexia down in Season 6’s first episode. Then there was the matter of Todd doing nothing when it came time to find a new place to live. With all that in mind, perhaps Alexia is better off. But for now, the pain is most apparent.

Marysol was “completely taken by surprise” over Alexia’s divorce

On Alexia and Marysol’s podcast, Ay Por Favor, Marysol addressed the recent news, sans Alexia. “We’re all a little shocked and it’s not a good day for her to be here and participate,” she said. “What can I say? I am completely taken by surprise. I mean, I didn’t see this coming. It rips my heart apart because I can only put myself in her shoes and know how hard this must be for her.”

Many were taken by surprise at the news of Todd and Alexia’s reported marriage dissolution. Marysol tried to focus on Alexia’s pain. “We all have that dream of being in love and then we find a partner and we have the fantasy of the perfect life and then reality hits sometimes and it’s not what we thought it was going to be.”

Marysol continued, “Today we all got a big cold dose of reality. Things don’t always turn out the way we had planned. I’m very sad for her.” A dose of reality indeed. And despite all the drama that Alexia is capable of serving us, almost no one could’ve expected this. Perhaps that drama might be the silver lining for Alexia. But it’s hard to imagine that would outweigh the pain.

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