Every Season of The Bachelor Ranked

The Bachelor
Christopher Willard/ABC via Getty Images

Season 28 of The Bachelor ended on a high note on Monday, March 25, with Joey Graziadei getting down on one knee to propose to finalist Kelsey Anderson. The lovebirds looked smitten at the After the Final Rose special as they revealed plans to move to New York City this spring and start their life together.

Joey’s season coming to a close has us reflecting on the franchise’s history. Joey was the first Bachelor in years fans could agree on. Some viewers, including podcaster Nick Viall, have suggested the tennis coach revived the franchise. Season 28 may have been a smash hit but not every season was as well received. In honor of the Bachelor season-ending, let’s take a look back at some of the worst and best seasons of the show.

All seasons of The Bachelor ranked, worst to best

  • Season 6 – Byron Velvick
  • Season 9 – Lorenzo Borghese
  • Season 27 – Zach Shallcross
  • Season 8 – Travis Lane Stork
  • Season 12 – Matt Grant
  • Season 1 – Alex Michel
  • Season 18 – Juan Pablo Galavis
  • Season 10 – Andrew Baldwin
  • Season 19 – Chris Soules
  • Season 26 – Clayton Echard
  • Season 16 – Ben Flajnik
  • Season 25 – Matt James
  • Season 7 – Charlie O’Connell
  • Season 21 – Nick Viall
  • Season 14 – Jake Pavelka
  • Season 2 – Aaron Buerge
  • Season 3 – Andrew Firestone
  • Season 5 – Jesse Palmer
  • Season 4 – Bob Guiney
  • Season 22 – Arie Luyendyk Jr.
  • Season 11 – Brad Womack
  • Season 23 – Colton Underwood
  • Season 15 – The Return of Brad Womack
  • Season 28 – Joey Graziadei
  • Season 20 – Ben Higgins
  • Season 17 – Sean Lowe
  • Season 24 – Peter Weber
  • Season 13 – Jason Mesnick

The Worst Seasons of The Bachelor

Season 6 – Byron Velvick

In Season 6, Byron Velvick beat out Jay Overbye for the role of the Bachelor but he didn’t do much with it. It was a mediocre season with silly, forgettable drama and a shortage of memorable moments. Byron proposed to Mary Delgado in the finale but the two didn’t get their happily ever after. According to Us Weekly, they split in 2009.

Season 9 – Lorenzo Borghese

In Season 9, The Bachelor tried to class up their act by enlisting the help of an Italian prince, Lorenzo Borghese. The producers flew eligible Bachelorettes to Italy to try and win Lorenzo’s heart. It was a fun idea but unfortunately, the season didn’t hold the attention of viewers. To be honest, it was a total snooze.

Season 27 – Zach Shallcross

Zach Shallcross‘ season ended with a beautiful love story but aside from that, it was a pretty mediocre run. The drama was sparse, the ending was predictable, and Zach took the show very seriously. We needed more mess.

The Best Seasons of The Bachelor

Season 20 – Ben Higgins

Ben Higgins was the quintessential Bachelor. He was sweet, authentic, and there for the right reasons. He was also a little messy, which we love. We’ll never forget the drama he caused when he told two women he loved them. Genius!

Season 17 – Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe is one of the few success stories to come out of the show. He proposed to Catherine Giudici in the finale and the two are still together today. They tied the knot in 2014 and have since welcomed three beautiful children.

Season 24 – Peter Weber

As Hannah Brown would say, “BLESS THIS MESS.” This season was crazy for many reasons. First off, Peter Weber wasn’t exactly a refined gentleman looking for his wife. He was more of a twenty-something party boy who was easily led astray by temptation. Iconic! Peter’s messiness made the season amazing. He also had a group of truly unhinged women to help make the season even more of a rollercoaster. Ugh, if only every season was like his!

Season 13 – Jason Mesnick

Jason Mesnick was a fan favorite on The Bachelorette, so fans were delighted when he was chosen to lead Season 13 of The Bachelor. His season was entertaining from the beginning but what cemented its spot in the Bachelor Hall of Fame was how it ended. In the finale, he proposed to Melissa Rycroft but later broke off the engagement to pursue a relationship with Molly Malaney. The decision was controversial at the time but given that they are still together 14 years later, it’s safe to say the couple has proven their critics wrong.