The Most Shocking Bachelor Nation Finales

Photo Credit : Disney/John Fleenor

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Nation have seen some pretty crazy seasons throughout the years. While many seasons have had traditional endings, others have wrapped up in more unconventional ways. These five Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons had completely unprecedented finales, that left us truly shook.

Joey Graziadei’s ending was a first

Joey Graziadei got his fairy tale ending when he got engaged to Kelsey Anderson, although the journey there was interesting. After her final date with Joey, runner-up Daisy Kent had a gut feeling that she wouldn’t be his final choice.

Daisy then decided to do something that had never been done in Bachelor history before. She went to visit Kelsey and told her that she had doubts about where she stood with Joey. In every other season, the leads have stayed strictly separate after the fantasy suite week rose ceremony.

In an unprecedented moment, Daisy and Kelsey rode to the proposal together. Daisy went to speak with Joey first, where she told him that she knew he wasn’t choosing her. After an emotional goodbye with Daisy, Joey got down on one knee and proposed to Kelsey. Joey’s season ultimately had a happy ending, while also making Bachelor Nation history.

Gabby & Rachel’s love stories had sad endings

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s Bachelorette season had a ton of firsts. Season 19 was the first time that two leads ever shared an entire season, which proved to be a challenge. At the start of the season, Rachel and Gabby struggled to form relationships as some of the men were not sure who they wanted to pursue. Eventually, they came to the decision to split the men into two groups, so that there wouldn’t be any overlap.

At the end of the season, Rachel got engaged to Tino Franco. After receiving Rachel’s first impression rose, Tino had been a front-runner all season. Unfortunately, after the shoe began airing, Rachel learned that Tino had cheated on her and kissed another girl. During After The Final Rose, Rachel announced that she and Tino had since parted ways.

Gabby, on the other hand, got engaged to Erich Schwer during the finale. While they were still together during After The Final Rose, they announced their split a few months later. While Rachel and Gabby may not have found love on The Bachelorette, they certainly found everlasting friendship!

Clayton Echard’s season had a shocking conclusion

Clayton Echard went down as a villain in Bachelor history for how he handled things with his final three women. During fantasy suite week, Clayton sent Susie Evans home after she expressed concerns about him being intimate with other women. Susie admitted that it would be hard for her to move forward if Clayton had slept with someone else, which he had.

At the “rose ceremony from hell”, Clayton came clean to Rachel and Gabby about sleeping with both of them. He also proclaimed that he was in love with both of them and told them that Susie had gone home. After a long night, both Rachel and Gabby eventually accepted roses from Clayton. However, the next day he decided to break up with both of them as he realized Susie was who he wanted.

While Susie did agree to give Clayton another chance, she later broke up with him again before he could propose. Both Clayton and Susie left the season single, although this did not last long. At After The Final Rose, Clayton and Susie announced that they had rekindled and were now dating. As of today, however, Clayton and Susie have broken up. Clayton’s season was all over the place, but no one saw this ending coming.

Peter Weber’s ending was a wildcard

Peter Weber had another shocking ending to his Bachelor journey, which no one could’ve predicted. Throughout the season, Peter formed strong relationships with both Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss. After struggling with the fact that Peter had been intimate with other women, however, Madison broke up with him.

At this point, Hannah Ann was the only woman left. Peter proposed to her, and the two got engaged. During After The Final Rose, however, it was revealed that Peter had ended things with her shortly afterward. Peter still had feelings for Madison and wanted to see if she would give him a second chance.

While Peter and Madison did briefly reunite and have a relationship, it didn’t last long. The day following After The Final Rose, Peter and Madison announced that they were going their separate ways. This was a huge shock, as it came less than 24 hours after their first public appearance as a couple.