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Lo Bosworth Says The Hills Still ‘Haunts’ Her to This Day: ‘Compromised Situations’

Lo Bosworth first let the rain fall down and wake her dreams in 2004 while starring on Laguna Beach. Then, in 2007, Lo opened up her dirty windows, letting the sun illuminate the words that she could not find over on The Hills. These days, she’s Working 9 to 5, and her Love Wellness line has her buyers wanting to Drive Back often.

Okay, I’m out of lyrics, but that’s fine, as Lo’s words will do the heavy lifting for me now. Speaking out on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast, Lo’s spilling her tea, mainly divulging that The Hills set thrived on tension. In fact, various compromising situations that went down still haunt her to this very day. Oh, and also, Lo said one more thing, which has me now pulling out all of my wide-set headbands and channeling my inner Lauren Conrad, because IT’S (possibly) ALL HAPPENING again.

But first, Lo’s dishing on The Hills

Lo just popped on over to the Just B With Bethenny Frankel podcast. Here, she shared that it was pretty hard to maintain friendships with her costars on The Hills. However, this wasn’t anyone’s fault really, minus MTV’s. “We were very young women constantly put into compromised situations, where we had to blood-sport it out against each other to get through a day of production,” she explained.

In her claims, Lo states that the producers tried to pit the women against each other during their long run on TV. This tracks, as drama sells. On her part, Lo admitted that she wasn’t “as good” as her costars when it came to her storylines. This is because she avoided the drama.

“I served a very specific role, which I’m actually grateful for in hindsight. I didn’t have to get into it [the drama] too much,” Lo continued. “But in the areas where I did, it still kind of haunts me to this day because there’s so many stories behind this story everybody saw on television that run very counter to what the public thinks of you.”

If this part’s not true, we ride at dawn

While The Hills eventually became a dog-eat-dog kinda series, Lo enjoyed filming on Laguna Beach, calling it a kinder set. Adding to this, Lo says, “Lauren and I are friends, and there are rumblings that there may be a 20th-anniversary special of Laguna Beach that’s coming down the pipeline, maybe.”

Shut. Up.

“I sort of talked to a couple people about it because we graduated from high school in 2004. It’s 2024. It is our true 20-year high school reunion this year, and so in the context of Laguna, I think it would be great to get back together with the old gang,” Lo dished.

I stand with Lo. It’s your move now MTV.