How the Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Girls Are Relatable

Summer House
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

With Season 2 of Summer House Martha’s Vineyard underway, the cast is back for another summer of fun and bonding. The usual crew is back and looking to have a nice couple of weeks on the vineyard. But this season, I am noticing that many of the women are opening up more than they ever have. Instead of just partying, the cast is starting to share more about their personal feelings, and I, for one, am loving it.

Jasmine Ellis Cooper

The glue that holds the group together, Jasmine Ellis Cooper is having a different type of summer. The writer is staying at the house alone since her husband, Silas Cooper, is currently deployed. Many viewers can relate to having to be on their own if they are married to a military spouse. Deployments can last a few weeks to one year, but life keeps moving forward. Jasmine, like many military wives, is showing her strength and resilience through this trying time.

Jasmine is also pregnant with the couple’s first child. So, not only is she dealing with her missing Silas, but she also has to deal with morning sickness and multiple doctor appointments. Jasmine has yet to tell her roommates and seems to be waiting for the right time. However, during the last episode, Jasmine broke down into tears after Bria Fleming told her she was upset. Summer House Martha’s Vineyard viewers are definitely empathizing with Jas right now. 

Jordan Emanuel

Jordan Emanuel was a fan favorite during Season 1, thanks to her outspoken personality. But Season 2 is showing a more reserved Jordan, and it is being noted by the cast and fans. During the latest episode, Jordan opened up about her struggle with Alopecia. The Playboy model has been seen in tears over losing her hair. She has explained to the camera that “As Black women our hair is our currency.” For Jordan to open up during such a hard time has most likely helped a lot of viewers.

During a family dinner, Jordan shared that after losing her mother when she was younger, she missed out on being a kid. She is constantly worried about losing time with the ones she loves. The stress that Jordan was under was palpable. But her Summer House family rallied around her for support. 

Noelle Hughley

Followers of Summer House Martha’s Vineyard connected with Noelle Hughley when she opened up about her crush on Alex Tyree. Since the premiere, Noelle has gravitated towards Alex. And we all know how we get when we have a crush on someone. It’s like little birdies are chirping around our heads. Noelle flirted and even brought Alex a tofu sandwich back for him after a shopping trip. But during a night out, she lost her confidence after admitting to him that she had feelings.

Alex shut her down with the famous “I see you as a friend” line, which left Noelle devastated. Now, we all know how it feels when our crush just drops us. The floor goes out from under our feet, and we feel stupid. Watching Noelle cry and then call her mother for advice was extremely relatable. Personally, I wanted to reach through the TV and tell her there are more fish in the sea. 

Shanice Henderson

Even though Shanice Henderson can be a MAJOR flirt she too is pulling back the layers. Fans recently learned that she lost her job and was being sued by her ex-boyfriend for $20,000. While at the family dinner, Shanice broke down about how she couldn’t afford to buy herself new clothes and the feeling resonated with followers. It can be hard to have to reset your life after a big change, but fans know she will pull herself together!

I hope the ladies of Summer House Martha’s Vineyard keep the lines of communication open. It is nice to feel connected to the cast and share in their lives.