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Captain Lee Rosbach Admits Regret Firing One Particular Below Deck Star

Below Deck OG Captain Lee Rosbach doesn’t have many regrets about his time at sea. But there is one crew member he wishes he’d given another chance.

“[I fired] everyone that deserved it,” he said in an interview on April 25. “But there’s only one person that I fired, and I did regret it. But not for the reasons you might think.”

The only crew member Lee regrets dismissing in his long career was Andrew Sturby from Season 2. “He was such a nice kid, and he tried so hard,” he recalled.

Lack of experience got him the boot

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When Andrew first came aboard in 2014, his skills as a deckhand were lacking. He seemed ignorant of basic yachting knowledge and created a saltwater disaster when he left a porthole open while the boat was underway.

“He had embellished his resume, which is another word for lying,” the captain said on the Amy and T.J. podcast. “But in a million years, he was never going to get it. To me, you have to get it in order to function on a mega yacht.”

“He did [have a good heart],” he added. “I said, ‘Andrew, this is really breaking my heart, and I hate to do this to you. But you are just too much of a risk. I don’t have the time to really train you.’”

Out of all the people Captain Lee had to fire over the years, Andrew was “the only one I actually regret,” he admitted. “There were quite a few that I enjoyed [firing] … There’s something gratifying about being able to dish out to people who [deserve it]. I don’t feel bad … [Not] one iota.”

Eventually, the Canadian native confessed that he’d padded his resume and didn’t have any actual yachting experience. Though given the chance to improve, he just couldn’t step up.

“I wasn’t surprised the crew wanted me to be let go,” he said in a 2014 interview. “The Ohana was no place for someone who was not used to intensive labor … There is too much to be done with too little time to … learn the job. In my defense, had I been a lot less anxious, I could have adapted more quickly.”

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