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Lindsie Chrisley Was Banned From Parents’ Appeal Hearing by Sister Savannah

One would think that with all of the drama surrounding ToddJulie, and Savanah Chrisley, they would want nothing but positive vibes. However, Lindsie Chrisley, the pair’s oldest daughter, revealed something different. 

During her podcast, Southern Tea, Lindsie said Savannah told her not to attend her parents’ appeal hearing earlier this month. “I was not in attendance,” she said. “I know … people were saying from the footage that they … did not see me there, and that’s because I was not there.” 

She continued, saying Savannah messaged her “privately” and asked her to attend. “…it was shared with me that if we were there, there would be issues and that we would be asked to leave,” she stated. Later, she referenced the “control and manipulation” Savannah allegedly has over her family during this time of crisis. “It very much alarms me, and I’m just going to leave it at that.” 

Todd doesn’t want a relationship with Lindsie

If you watched Chrisley Knows Best when it was airing, you likely saw Todd and Julie’s strained relationships with their oldest children, making this situation less surprising. 

Savannah addressed Lindsie’s comments on Instagram and said despite wanting to keep this private, she’d spill all of the tea. “I most certainly told her privately to not attend,” she said. “I told her that she was not wanted.” She said her dad “did not want her there and that he didn’t care to have a relationship with her.” 

“So, I said all of these things. I am more than happy that I said them, and it’s my parents’ appeal. They have the right to say who they want there and who they don’t.” 

This isn’t the first time Lindsie and Savannah have feuded publicly. 

Savannah slammed her sister in February for being “one hundred and ten percent” complicit in her parents’ conviction, later saying that all family “is not blood.” 

“My sister has never privately reached out to me to discuss her apparent issues with me and has publicly said several times that we have no relationship at all,” Savannah said. 

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