Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Hurricane Summer Arrives

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 2, Episode 6 recap
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Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard has turned up the heat on Bravo since their Season 2 premiere, and somehow, things keep getting better. Last week’s episode ended on a high note with Jasmine announcing her pregnancy to the house after an episode full of chaos. Fortunately for us viewers, the drama continued this week, with Summer unleashing on Bria and Noelle after an alcohol-fueled misunderstanding. Here’s everything that went down on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2, Episode 6: A Perfect Summer Storm.

Simon arrives!

It’s no secret that Bria has been at odds with some members of the house, especially Jasmine and Preston. But now, she should have a relaxing few days since her German boyfriend, Simon Marco, has made it to the house. 

He arrived in a flamingo pajama suit, and hey, if that’s his thing, then we love it. (Not really.) However, if you watched his stint on the show during Season 1, then you already know this is par for the course. 

Welcome to the Vineyard, Simon!

Amir’s girlfriend is a little “standoff-ish”

In addition to Simon and Preston’s boyfriend, Donald, visiting the house for a few days, Amir’s girlfriend, Natalie, also joined. Based on many of the women’s reactions, they weren’t too fond of her being in the mix for a few days.

In one scene, Summer told some of her co-stars that Natalie appeared “standoff-ish” when they first met at the SHMV premiere party. Natalie told Amir the reason she wasn’t overly friendly was because Summer was too touchy. “I don’t like it,” Natalie said. 

Later in the episode, Amir tried to re-introduce Natalie to Summer and Jordan. Unfortunately, they were busy getting ready, so they couldn’t leave their room at the time. When they finished, Amir was still waiting in the hall and asked Jordan whether she wanted to “go say hello.” 

Jordan glossed over the question like nobody’s business, saying, “Do you know if Noelle [is] downstairs?” After Amir replied, “She is,” Jordan slithered down the stairs, and I can’t lie, it was kind of funny. 

In his confessional, Amir told producers that the dynamic with Natalie in the house feels weird because they both know that every girl, with the exception of Jordan, expressed some sort of interest in him during Season 1. He continued, saying that Natalie’s visit is supposed to reassure her that he’s been keeping his word. That being “staying away from Jordan.” 

Phil and Mariah finally visit the group on Martha’s Vineyard

The last few episodes of Season 2 have featured the house discussing the possibility of Phil Brooks and Mariah Torres visiting the house for a few days. In case you need a refresher, both were asked to leave during Season 1 after making several of their castmates uncomfortable. Mariah got physical with Bria, and Phil rubbed every guy the wrong way. 

After blowups, tears, and so much confusion, the house agreed to let Mariah and Phil visit — but only during Preston’s couple’s event, which was hosted at an event space down the road.

Nick wasn’t here for Phil in the slightest. “I go to Wimbledon, the Kentucky Derby, the U.S. Open,” he said. “I’m in Tokyo, London, South Africa — we don’t do the same stuff. So, it’s like being in a public place, and there’s a person here. How is that going to affect me? I don’t care.” 

Bria had similar thoughts about Mariah, too. “Seeing Mariah, I don’t give a f*ck. She’s not my friend. I can coexist at the same party as her … I’m minding my business,” she said. 

Both Mariah and Phil made their rounds to apologize to the housemates they had wronged the summer before. The conversations were amicable, and it seemed like everybody had gotten to a better space. However, I wouldn’t expect much from these relationships moving forward. 

Summer blows up on Bria … and the house

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 2, Episode 6
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo

During the group’s Freaknik party, they played a game called “Never Have I Ever.” Noelle started by saying, “Never have I ever sucked” a man’s junk. Summer jumped in and began calling her out. “You’re a damn liar,” she said. Come to find out … Noelle didn’t understand the rules of the game. After they explained to her that she was supposed to state experiences she’d never had, they were ready to get going. However, Summer was still stuck on her initial comment. “That’s not how it works!” she screamed. 

Eventually, Summer walked away, but as she walked away, Bria said, “You scared!” to somebody. It’s unclear who she was talking to since everybody was in the hot tub, and nobody seemed to be taking Summer seriously. “Get the f*ck outta the pool, bitch,” Summer told Bria. “I’m not f*cking scared.” 

Basically, the alcohol had Summer talking sh*t, and once she simmered down, she apologized, and she was able to move on with Bria … until she couldn’t. 

Later in the house, Summer and Bria had another falling out after they discussed the situation from earlier. While they were talking, Shanice and Noelle were in the corner taking pictures (not paying attention to Summer or her problems). But Summer mistook their chatter and laughter as if they were laughing AT her. They tried to continue their conversation, but things got even more heated after Bria questioned if Summer really had her back. 

As Summer walked out of the room, she took it to a different level. “F*ck you. You dumb bitch. This is why your man doesn’t f*ck with you, you dumb bitch.” 


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