Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2, Episode 5 Recap: We Have a Special Guest Arriving

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The crew of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard had a relaxing first week of vacation, but now the cracks are starting to show. Last week’s episode ended with an explosive argument between Bria and Jasmine, and this week’s showing features the continuation, plus more. Two of the cast members revisit an old conversation, and Jasmine lets the rest of the group in on a massive secret she’s been hiding. Here’s everything that went down on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2, Episode 5: The Worst Kept Secret. 

Preston and Bria have serious issues they need to work out… 

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Bria and Jasmine reached an understanding after their conversation turned into another screaming match. As they were working out their issues about Mariah Torres re-entering the house for a short period, Preston voiced his thoughts about Bria’s behavior. When she told Preston not to “f*ck with me,” he replied, saying nobody on their cast was scared of her. “I don’t want you to be scared of me, but don’t play me with that ass sh*t,” Bria said. 

As Summer led her away, Preston told the rest of the table how big of a brat Bria was. “She’s a brat, and we know it.” Oof. 

The fighting in public was too much for Nick. He tried calming the situation with a passion. “We look insane right now,” he told his crew. 

Later in the episode, the pair discussed their issues and improved their situation. Preston did tell Bria that he believed she could be a “brat” at times, but he made sure she knew he loved her. 

Preston and Phil talk it out… 

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The last few episodes saw the house discussing whether Phil Brooks should be allowed to return. Spoiler: He doesn’t, and for that, we’re thankful. However, he has had more camera time this season than most of the fans would like. 

His 30 seconds of screen time this week were spent on Facetime with Preston. The latter shared his feelings with the house in previous episodes about how Phil’s comments, like “soft” and “sus,” made him feel like a gay man. During Preston’s call with him, Phil took some ownership of his behavior (even though he had trashed their feelings days before).

Phil told Preston that when he met them the first time, he was extremely drunk. However, he said his apology was genuine, and going to therapy has helped him reflect on his former self. They ended the call on a good note, and hopefully, that’s the last of Phil on SHMV

Summer and Noelle have another misunderstanding… 

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Because Bria is the group’s ghost producer, she asked Summer and Noelle how they were doing during a girls’ moment in the backyard pool. In case you need a reminder, Noelle felt some type of way about wanting to pursue Alex since he and Summer had sexual relationships in the past. For Noelle and some of the others in the house, it seemed weird that Summer would encourage Noelle to go after Alex but omit the fact that they had sex. And yes, it’s personal information that she doesn’t have to share. But she was sure willing to blurt it out during the first group dinner of the season. 

“I thought you understood the dealings that we had,” Summer told Noelle. She continued, saying what “happened was a miscommunication.” She added: “I should’ve told you, ‘Yes, he’s been inside me, and I’ve made him c*m, like, how many times?'” 

Later, Summer and Noelle were able to talk by themselves. “If it felt like you were being attacked out there, I apologize,” she said. There wasn’t much more to this conversation. For now, at least. If there will be more drama, we’ll have to keep tuning in to find out. 

Jasmine is PREGNANT! 

As we know, Jasmine is in the summer house this year without her husband, Silas Cooper. He was deployed during the time of filming, but we’ve seen him on Facetime a few times. One of the Cooper’s biggest storylines last year involved their life as newlyweds and hopeful parents. 

Jasmine entered Season 2 pregnant but held the secret until she reached her second trimester. Now that it’s finally happened, she wanted to let her cast in on the secret. 

She teased her housemates the entire day that she was bringing a guest for dinner. She gave a speech at the table, speaking about how she needed them this summer with Silas away. Finally, she asked everybody to raise a glass to celebrate their new baby.

Amir seemed to be the only one caught by surprise. Because … what else is new when it comes to Amir? 

That’s all for this episode, folks. We’ll be back next week for another recap. 

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