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The Valley Episode 8 Preview: Did Jax Taylor Start Michelle Lally Cheating Rumors?

Kristen Doute has been the name on everybody’s lips during Season 1 of The Valley. The former Vanderpump Rules star stirred up trouble after allegedly spreading nasty rumors about Michelle and Jesse Lally

During an earlier episode, Kristen was attacked by the Lallys after word got out that Michelle was supposedly texting another man. The group slammed Kristen for opening her mouth, but after things continued to unfold, they learned that Kristen wasn’t the source—her pal, Jax Taylor, was. 

What is the rumor, and who started it? 

Photo Credit: Casey Durkin/Bravo

Jax met with Jasmine Goode during one of the episodes to discuss the drama in the group. During their meet-up, Jax revealed sensitive information about Michelle (mentioned above). “From what Michelle told me, she was texting with someone who was not Jesse,” Kristen said in her confessional. “She had, I guess, an emotional affair with this guy.”

If you watched the episode, you saw Jax go on about how he’s nervous Kristen will bring it up and ruin a family. He also said that he didn’t know whether the rumor was true. 

During this week’s group dinner, everybody trashed Kristen for being the point of contention in the group. However, the new sneak peek for Episode 8 could prove her innocence. 

Kristen said Jax told her about the Michelle rumors first… 

Photo Credit: Casey Durkin/Bravo

We’ve watched Jasmine and Jax speak negatively about Kristen during the latest episodes. The former Bachelor star said she “didn’t know what to believe” since Jax said it was Kristen who repeated the rumor. However, thanks to Kristen and a shady flashback, it was Jax who said it first. 

“I’m scared to bring this up because this is not my place to do this,” Jax said during one of his lunches with Kristen in an earlier episode. “It’s regarding Michelle. There was another guy that…” 

Before he continued, Jax asked the filming crew, “You’re not filming this, are you?” Uh—hell, yes, they’re filming, and we need you to keep talking. 

“Of course, they’re filming it,” said Kristen. “F*ck, I don’t want to get in trouble for saying this,” Jax continued. 

He then shared that his wife, Brittany Cartwright, told him this information “in confidence.” 

“My wife could kill me,” Jax continued. “I could ruin a marriage. I can’t do that.”

During her lunch with Jasmine, Kristen pointed to a text Jax sent her after their lunch. “Do not repeat anything personal to Michelle. You could destroy a life, and I don’t know if it’s true … and you told my wife, and now she’s pissed at me. Why would you repeat something unless you know the facts?” 

“Please don’t open your mouth about anything like that,” Jax wrote. “Please, it’s not our place.”

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