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Kristen Doute Thinks Jesse Lally Is ‘Absolutely Crazy’

I don’t think anybody could’ve prepared me for the absolute sh*t show that is The Valley. And I mean that in every good way possible. This series is full of drama, chaos, and confusion. The cast of former Vanderpump Rules stars living life with their besties and partners have given watchers seven episodes of non-stop commotion, and I’m living. 

However, to my surprise, it’s not Jax Taylor who’s stirring up the most trouble. It’s Kristen Doute going at it with her former friendsJesse and Michelle Lally

The ex-couple have been battling rumors spread by Kristen about them being cheaters, having secret romantic partners, and even being a “racist and a Republican.” A few episodes ago, Jesse charged at Kristen in the hallway of a building after her boyfriend, Luke Broderick, made a shady comment about Jesse’s wife, Michelle. In a new interview, Kristen discussed the moment and called Jesse out for trying to create a moment. 

Kristen thinks Jesse acts like Jax from Season 1 of Pump Rules 

Jesse running through the hallway to put his hands on Luke and Kristen wasn’t the first time we saw him act a fool. He’s been showing his true colors throughout the entire series. He’s told slammed his fist on the table like a child, told his co-stars to “shut the f*ck up” while they were talking, and threatened Kristen and Luke on more than one occasion. 

Is anyone surprised that his wife left him in the dust? I’m not. 

When Kristen discussed the moment Jesse flew off the handles in a podcast interview, she said part of her feels like Jesse is “absolutely crazy.” 

“And part of me felt like it was Jax, Season 1, with the chunky knit sweater in the parking lot. There’s too many producers around that are going to stop him. So, he’s like, ‘I’m going to get you.’ It threw me back to that Vegas parking lot.” 

And I couldn’t agree more. Jesse wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight in Mr. Welch’s backyard. So, stop acting like it, pal. 

The Valley continues on Tuesdays at 9/8c.