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Reza Farahan Doesn’t Regret Jill Zarin Insults on The GOAT

Reza Farahan and Jill Zarin are back on reality TV, and this time, they’re competing for $200,000. 

The Bravo stars are both contestants on Amazon Prime Video’s newest series, The GOAT. It features a handful of other reality stars, including people from Survivor, The Bachelor, and Big Brother, and puts them through a series of difficult and silly challenges to see who will emerge victorious. 

Like most competition shows, somebody’s feelings are bound to get hurt due to the intense level of strategy and backstabbing that takes place behind closed doors. In the trailer for the series, Reza could be seen feuding with Jill, calling her a “f*cking bitch.” So, how does he feel about his comments today? Keep reading to find out. 

Reza has no regrets about slamming Jill during The GOAT

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During Reza’s interview with Us Weekly, he said he doesn’t live his life “with regrets.”

“I hate that emotion. I regret letting Jill into my life,” he revealed. “At the time, it was how I felt. And honestly, Jill is a little bit of a bitch.”

“All of the things that I was thinking were all in my head and had nothing to do with the wonderful human beings that were in the house. People really showed me how good they are. Most people — not Jill — but most people did.”

The first three episodes of The GOAT are streaming on Prime Video, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see why Jill and Reza bumped heads, but the trailer showed the former Shahs of Sunset star plotting on his Bravo peer. “She’s got to go. I can’t take her anymore,” he said. 

Reza’s warning to future GOAT contestants…

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Looking back on his time in GOAT Manor, Reza said he believes he would’ve had a different game had he not aligned with Jill. “I regret my alliance or thinking I had an alliance with Jill. I feel like had I not known Jill, I would have had a better experience,” he said. 

“So she was a beast in the house. She acted like she owned the mansion and that production were her servants, which was a little off-putting. I feel like had I not had a relationship with Jill coming into the house, it probably would have benefited me greatly.”

He finished advising anybody thinking about competing on reality television. “Here’s my advice to people. If you’re going to be on a competition show, watch out for the old lady on the show,” he said. 

“She probably might do you dirty at the end. That’s some training for you. There you go.”

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