Here’s Why It Makes Sense for Amanda Batula to Distance Herself From Loverboy

Amanda Batula
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Since Season 1 of Summer House, Kyle Cooke has been turning the cogs in his head to try and figure out the perfect product to pin his coattails to. A eureka moment hit him when he thought up Loverboy. The group of friends was always filmed drinking hard iced tea products, so the OG thought he should start his line. Since that fateful moment, fans have only seen Loverboy cans and boxes all over the house. After Kyle and Amanda Batula made their love official, the businessman wanted his wife to join the daily business.

Amanda obliged, but she noticed her heart was no longer in it somewhere along the way. Even though she has created some amazing graphic designs, the dog mom wants something for herself. Fans can’t fault the New Jersey native for wanting to distance herself because she deserves a “passion project” of her own, too. 

There is no separation

On more than one occasion, Amanda revealed to the cameras that she doesn’t love working at Loverboy. Fans have watched as a stressy Kyle takes his annoyances out on his wife. While Kyle is a workaholic, Amanda likes to decompress. The Senior Designer and Creative Director would often be caught by cameras trying to take a break from work. But Kyle was always moving full steam ahead. The pressure of running your own business affected Kyle’s ability to separate work and home life. While Amanda was busy thinking about their future, Kyle was still in command mode. The differences in their work ethic seemed to take a toll on their daily lives. 

Amanda spoke out in her confessional, sharing, “In the beginning, I was very hesitant to quit my job and work full-time for Loverboy. But that’s what Kyle wanted. Maybe we were wrong.”

Loverboy almost claimed their marriage

In an interview with Us Weekly, Amanda revealed that the drink company often came before her marriage to Kyle. After five years with Loverboy, Amanda divulged that she chose to take a back seat, adding, “I’ve taken a slight step back for the sake of our relationship.” As Summer House viewers know, Amanda quit her full-time job to help fulfill her husband’s dreams. The fashion lover went on to say, “I think that we were at a place where I would be frustrated about something happening on my end, and he would take it very personally, Or he’d complain about something that I approved, and I made a decision on, and I would take it personally. So it wasn’t great for our relationship.”

While Amanda is still very much involved with the company, it just isn’t in an everyday capacity. Amanda, who has been married for two and a half years, added, “I think we needed a little bit of that separation for now. If we had our relationship issues and we had our work issues, then it was a lot. So this seems to be working for us right now.” 

Amanda needs her own thing

Amanda made her stance clear in the interview, noting, “I don’t want us to end up resenting each other because of a job. You know what I mean? I’m the type of person that works to live, not lives to work, so I would hate for this beautiful thing that we’re building to be the reason that we potentially separated or fell out.”

Summer House fans were surprised to learn during the new season that Amanda had always wanted to create her swimsuit line. She shared with Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller that, as a bustier woman, it was hard to find tops that fit correctly. Amanda lit up as she shared, “When I was younger, I had big dreams of being a fashion designer. In high school, I took a ‘fashion design class,’ but my inability to sew shut down those hopes and dreams. But I can design, and I know what I like, so it just seems like it’s time for me to maybe create my own thing.”

Amanda admitted she often feels overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start. But her friends are urging her to take a chance. For fans, it is nice to see Amanda stepping outside of Kyle’s shadow, too. Amanda continues to distance herself from Loverboy and will only be following her dreams now, and this is pretty awesome.