EXCLUSIVE: Deal or No Deal Island Winner Jordan Fowler on ‘Empowering’ All-Female Final Three and ‘Epic’ Journey

Deal or No Deal Island winner Jordan Fowler with host Joe Manganiello in the finale
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The first season of Deal or No Deal Island has come to a close, with Jordan Fowler crowned, taking home $1.23 million from Banker Howie Mandel. We caught up with Jordan after the Deal or No Deal Island finale to chat all about her journey, the all-female final three, and her newly-announced pregnancy. Here’s everything she had to say…

Jordan’s Deal or No Deal Island expectations and strategy

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/NBC

Daniel Falconer: What did you expect when you first arrived to play Deal or No Deal Island, and how much of that shifted as each round went by?

Jordan Fowler: Competing on the first season of a competition game show means there’s no playbook or exact character to copy. You have to pull from a variety of strategies and your own personal toolkit based on your strengths.

Once we learned the rules, my strategy was twofold: 1) Never be in the bottom two of an excursion, and 2) Never be anybody’s #1 target. I knew so long as both of those were true, I would get decently far, and I’d reassess from there. On the latter, I really had to focus on building genuine relationships and trust, so it didn’t look suspicious when I would hang out with an opposing group!

Daniel: What would you personally say was your biggest strength in this game and making it as far as you did?

Jordan: People trusted me. And I approached it from a genuine place. It takes a lot of discipline, self control, and awareness to balance all the relationships and not have people think you’re being phony or disingenuous. And to clarify – I would say I floated, not coasted [as some have suggested]. I was actively managing these relationships and to be honest, it was as exhausting socially as it was physically even if you may not have seen it all in the edit.

An all-female final three, and what it means to win

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Daniel: How did it feel to not only make the final three, but for every person left standing to be a female competitor?

Jordan: Empowering! Between having multiple women, different ages, with different strengths – it really shows this is anybody’s game. Everybody has a shot to put their best foot forward and be successful.

Daniel: What does it mean to win the first-ever season of Deal or No Deal Island?

Jordan: Absolutely epic in every way. Watching that finale back was like watching the best movie ever – good news after good news. And honestly, I won so much more than money in this game.

Post first excursion, all muddy, we ran into the ocean when we first got to camp. I remember looking at the horizon with the sunset in the background thinking, “Wow, I am so lucky.” That was just Day 1. I was so honored that the casting team and the producers saw something in me. 

Specific outcome aside, the time away from my intense routine, surrounded by new people, in the most peaceful place with lots of time to think got me in the best physical and mental headspace I’ve had in my life.

When I joined the show, I was weighed down by the cumulation of challenges I was facing. Who knew I would leave feeling lighter and happier than ever with the most clarity and conviction. I refuse to let myself get to that place of discouragement ever again.

My outlook on life has changed – I am focused on family, adventure, and joy, which matter most. Despite the obstacles that come my way, I have a new found sense of confidence and courage. Nothing will rob me of that. (No pun intended).

The future of Deal or No Deal Island

Deal or No Deal Island winner Jordan Fowler with host Joe Manganiello and Banker Howie Mandel in the finale
Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/NBC

Daniel: Do you have any predictions as to how the game or players may adapt when Deal or No Deal Island returns for a second season?

Jordan: I will be a fan of this franchise for life. They have truly changed my family for generations to come, and I can’t wait to cheer on folks for Season 2!

I can’t wait to see if it’s a mix of reality stars or new folks … I’ll surely be watching and posting my thoughts each week.

Jordan’s journey with motherhood and pregnancy

Deal or No Deal Island winner Jordan Fowler
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Daniel: How important was it for you to bring your story around motherhood and starting a family to the show?

Jordan: It’s been heartwarming to see NBC and the show shed more light on this hugely important topic. There are so many women facing challenges with fertility, and I truly believe community plays a powerful role in empowering women and their partners during these difficult times. Hearing other people’s stories made me feel less alone. So, being able to do that for others has meant so much.

The outpouring of messages of support from other women who have experienced something similar or want to learn some of my tips for managing PCOS has made me so hopeful, and I hope it has a similar impact on others.

Daniel: A huge congratulations on your pregnancy! What updates do you have to share?

Jordan: Thank you so much! We are just over the moon and still feel so incredibly grateful and lucky. After experiencing loss, it makes this baby seem like that much more of a miracle. I truly send so much love to those facing their own challenges and hope their (rainbow) baby is on the way. We aren’t finding out the gender, so we are excited to keep the surprises coming. Stay tuned for more updates!

This interview has been edited for conciseness and clarity.

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