Vanderpump Villa Episode 10 Recap: The Final Farewell

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Welcome back to the Vanderpump Villa Episode 10 recap. Last week, Eric returned to his original position, but Telly’s “over it” admission left us all on a cliffhanger. This week’s episode, “Bon Voyage, Bollywood Style,” wraps everything up, with more than one relationship leaving the villa intact. Here’s a look at what went down on Vanderpump Villa, Episode 10.

Lisa questions Telly

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Right as this finale episode begins, Lisa calls Telly in for a quick little chat. She needs to know who she can invite back for the next season, so Telly’s statements made last week are concerning. However, Telly tells Lisa that she had only stated that she was “over it,” not that she wanted to be axed. As Telly’s speaking though, she’s also internally realizing that Emily had likely thrown her underneath the bus.

After their meeting, Telly rejoins Andre at the bar. Here, the guests are flirting with Andre, and it’s getting on Gabriella’s nerves. She remains professional though.

Chateau Rosabelle’s final dinner

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As the guests sit down for their lavender-themed evening, it’s all hands on deck. Lisa’s watching, so things must be perfect. Therefore, Eric tasks Emily with making specialized shots for the guests, but Telly’s not liking this move. Instead, she’s feeling all the more threatened.

“Sh*ts about to get real,” Telly quips. The guests love Emily’s shots, but this calms Telly down zero. As for Andre, he doesn’t care either way. As long as the guests are happy, he’s good.

The best boi and the hardest chat

Out of nowhere, a random dog finds its way into the villa. Insert one minute of pure happiness. But then, the pettiness picks right back up.

Unhappy with how she might be coming across, Telly pulls Lisa aside for another talk. She wants to keep her position, and Lisa admires her boldness. However, Telly’s not out of the woods just yet, as Lisa notes in her confessional that she’ll be keeping an eye on Telly during that night’s dinner service.

Telly stands her ground

As the guests are enjoying their Bollywood dinner outside, Telly pulls Emily aside. She asks Emily why she went to Lisa after hearing her statement made to the guests. Emily replies “When there’s an opening, you take it.” After hearing this, Telly realizes that Emily isn’t her friend, and she calls her a “bad person.”

Hannah’s thankful to not be at the center of this drama.

As for Emily’s other drama, Eric’s still feeling her, and their flirtations continue.

Gabriella goes in, and the guests go out

As this cast’s time together is winding down, Gabriella and Andre’s romance gets questioned by Nikki, and a few other staff members as well. Naturally, Gabriella overhears this conversation and enters the room. No one knows how to react, so Gabriella leaves, as others chase her down the hall.

It was then that Andre realizes that he really “f*cked up.”

The next morning, their final guests check out. They’re thrilled with their stay, so Lisa decides to reward her crew with a little trip on a riverboat for the day. She also tells them that another surprise will be awaiting them once they return from their fun day off.

Riverboating and a final surprise

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On the riverboat, Andre’s feelings for Nikki and Gabriella get pushed back. Andre doesn’t want to engage. However, the vibes are still off between Andre and Gabriella, so you can bet that we haven’t heard the last of this mess.

Once they all arrive back at the villa, Lisa greets their vans and reminds them that they have very special guests joining them for dinner that night. She then asks for her staff to focus, as she lets them know that a few of her guests are a “real pain in her ass,” but “she loves them all.”

Plot twist. They are the guests. And they will now be served and attended to by Lisa for their final night. Thrilled, they all take off, transforming themselves into pampered guests.

In one of the guest’s rooms, Hannah dons a robe and calls Lisa, asking for more towels. Lisa tells her that she knows exactly where the towels are stored, and she hangs up, laughing.

Closing time

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Before dinner is served, the staff gathers at the bar, where Andre rubs Nikki’s shoulders. Upstairs, several cast members jump into a bubble bath, some with clothes, and some without.

Around this same time, Marciano realizes that Hannah is the one that he wants to be with. He isn’t sure where she might stand though.

The next morning, Gabriella and Andre finally have a sit-down. She wants to explore things a “little more seriously.” Andre tells her that she’s “a great human being,” and that he’s “open to seeing where this goes.” She’s thrilled, and they kiss.

Right as everyone’s packing up, Marciano decides to talk with Hannah. She loves him, but she also wants him to commit to being loyal. He says that he can do this, so she gives him another chance. They also kiss.

That night, Lisa brings her staff together to serve them their first and final meal together as the fake guests. She then asks for them to each lift their covered plates. Underneath, tips to the tune of $8,000 sit. Everyone cries as Lisa thanks them all for a great first season in France.

Everyone’s on a high, so Caroline apologizes to Nikki for their poor interactions this season. Nikki accepts. This shifts Emily’s vibes, and she’s now hopeful for a reconciliation with Telly as well. Perhaps we’ll see this going down, should both of these ladies return for another season of Vanderpump Villa.

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