Gordon Ramsay vs Lisa Vanderpump: Who Will Win Food Stars Season 2?

Lisa Vanderpump Gordon Ramsay
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

We Yankees know Gordon Ramsey as the angry chef from England. Who loved to yell at a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen and call their food “horse sh*t.” The world-renowned chef made quite a name for himself as he taught a new generation of cooks how to thrive. He also helped family-run restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares. So imagine the surprise when we learned in his home country that Gordon is a pretty nice guy to be around. While his mean streak is just for American cameras, will Food Stars Season 2  be any different?

Cue Lisa Vanderpump. The queen of florals, femininity, and food. Bravo fans have loved watching her on Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Over the years, she has mentored numerous people as they strive for their dreams. But with Lisa and Gordon going head to head on the new competition series, it begs the question of who will win the new season of Food Stars? 

What does Gordon bring to the table?

There is no doubt that Gordon has a unique set of leadership skills. After a successful first season, Gordon is back to the first-of-its-kind show, and Food Stars will have entrepreneurs sell themselves and their products. It’s almost like a Shark Tank for your tummy. Gordon will help these inventors through a business boot camp, which he has undoubtedly been through himself. Gordon initially had an aptitude for sports, but an injury sidelined his endeavor and led him to culinary school. So Gordon is used to disappointment and has to adjust a plan- just like these competitors.  

In 1993, Gordon triumphed and was working as a chef in Aubergine. But in 1998, fate called as he finally launched his venture, Restaurant Gordon Ramsey. But what does Gordon really offer? Well, he has a vocational degree in hotel management and currently has 58 restaurants worldwide. So it is safe to say Gordon would make a great choice to help a contestant become the next big food star. 

What does Lisa bring to the table?

Hospitality runs in Lisa’s blood. For the past 11 years, Bravo viewers have watched Lisa open multiple restaurants. She has also managed a large staff and launched multiple spinoffs. The mother of two has a no-nonsense attitude. And even though she can be challenging, she is fair. Lisa never allows herself to be walked all over. Even though Lisa might be seen as docile, she is not to be messed with. Gordon shared via ET that his partner “cursed a lot” and is a “tough cookie.”

Lisa has never been afraid to fire a worker who isn’t pulling their weight or to tell the harsh truth. So, I imagine if an inventor doesn’t have an ace in the hole, Lisa will have to be honest. I think one attribute Lisa may hold over Gordon is her ability to sugarcoat. So she may be received just a tiniest bit better than the Scottish native.  

Who will triumph?

Gordon and Lisa will have to select food and beverage entrepreneurs to join their respective teams. In essence, they will have to sell themselves to the contestants even though both stand on their own just fine. Each has a thriving business under their belt and a bank full of cash. FOX made a great decision to match these uncompromising industry colossi, as they both offer unique insights into the food business. Viewers will be able to see how both Lisa and Gordon lead and strategize within their own successful businesses. We already know both feel incredibly comfortable on reality TV. But who will come to the table willing to give it all to lead their team to success? 

Even though it could be a clash of the Titans, Gordon and Lisa seem very happy to be involved with a series that shows how the young stars grow. However chummy these two appear, both are ready to win at all costs. Neither Gordon nor Lisa are used to coming in second. And I imagine they will both have a few tricks up their sleeves to ensure they come out on top.