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Below Deck Season 11 Finale Preview: Captain Kerry Promises ‘Consequences’ for ‘Blatant Disrespect’

Below Deck’s resident hornball Ben Willoughby snagged himself a little Bosun promotion in Season 11. For many, this would have been an honor, and humble, hardworking showings would have then followed. But with Ben, his sense of entitlement only seemed to heighten. Unfortunately for him, Captain Kerry Titheradge doesn’t suffer fools lightly, so now, both Ben and his roommate Kyle Stillie are facing “consequences,” after ignoring their Captain’s orders.

To recap, Ben thinks that his boss is “micromanaging” his crew, and he wants him to “chill out.” Meanwhile, Ben began slacking off, and everything from tidiness to boat safety matters are failing on deck. On Captain Kerry’s end, he’s got the lives of everyone onboard to manage, on top of pleasing his ever-expectant guests. Growing ticked-off at the disarray on deck, Captain Kerry calls for cabin inspections, and not shockingly, Ben and Kyle’s cabin showed zero efforts given, so now, Captain Kerry’s coming for his little deckhand sloths.

The sneak peak slap down

Captain Kerry is livid, stressing that Ben and Kyle’s cabin showed “Like a bomb’s gone off. It’s disrespectful. I’m f*cking beside myself. I’m very old school; there is a hierarchy. You don’t have to understand why a superior makes a decision, you just have to go do what you’re asked to do. There’s no bigger ‘f*ck you’ to a captain than to go against what he says,” he stresses in his confessional.

Now, it’s time for him to dole out the consequences, which we can see snippets of in the sneak peak that just dropped. Glaring at these men, Captain Kerry asks “Did you guys not take seriously inspection today? It’s just blatant disrespect,” he notes, adding that he’s “gone out of his way to help” Ben through this journey. “I’ve shown both you guys respect. I’ve been out there and busting my f*cking ass to help you guys out. We’ve been down crew, and this is the way you say thank you?

At this, Kyle tries to interject, but his reasoning quickly gets shot down. Following this, Captain Kerry orders the two back down to their cabin, telling them to clean their space. He then notes that if they fail to follow his orders again, “there’s going to be consequences.”

Good. Drag ’em like an anchor, Capt.

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