What You Need To Know about Deadly Waters With Captain Lee

Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Reality television and true crime series are my go-to favorite routes for escapism. Now, a new series is combining my two greatest joys, so for Deadly Waters with Captain Lee, consider me all hands on deck. To note, I still think that crimes suck and that every victim within deserves better. But also, these series are popping up left and right, so I’m clearly not alone in my viewing preferences.


Either way, this series’ title alone has me hyped, as it signals the return of Captain Lee Rosbach to my screen. Now, our Below Deck alum is sailing on to far more sinister ports of call. You see, he’ll soon be going “through more deckhands [deaths] than a condom salesman in a whorehouse.” On this, here’s everything that you need to know about his return to filming, where every primary’s exit will now involve the usage of body bags, not cash money bags.

What is Deadly Waters With Captain Lee all about?

Long gone are the days of water toys and beach picnics for this captain. Moving forward, his audiences will be walking through various true crime stories, each taking place over a different body of water. As for his snarky confessionals that we’re used to seeing on BD, these are now getting replaced with interviews of victims and their detectives. “Son of a B*TCH,” this series is going to get emotional and dark real quick.

“The water can be a very dangerous place. Waves, unrelenting currents, and violent storms can come up in a matter of seconds,” Captain Lee teases in the trailer. He then cuts to the chase, adding “For the first time ever, we’re exposing an even bigger threat than Mother Nature — people with a deadly agenda.”

The Deadly Waters With Captain Lee trailer also showcases a few of the crimes that he’ll be exploring this season. To start, we hear about “a body floating in the ocean,” in addition to a “blazing inferno” in a river. Then, there’s a big storm that comes through, leaving a victim forever sleeping on their boat. Was this death a crime, or did the rough seas play a hand?

But also, what will Captain Lee’s signature wit sound like amidst all of these darker narratives?

Back to this series, another voice further narrates, “Two people went out on the boat that morning, but only one came back.” After this, we hear about a different victim’s loved one, who “stands to gain 2 million dollars from a life insurance policy” following their death.

As Cardi B. would say, “That’s suspicious. That’s weird.” Basically, Deadly Waters With Captain Lee is serving up curtains, not comedy.

How to watch Deadly Waters With Captain Lee

Bye bye, Bravo. Our former wheelhouse boss is packing up his cabin and heading on over to his new home, the Oxygen True Crime network. Set your reminders, because this premiere date is quickly approaching, with Episode 1 airing on Saturday, June 1 at 9/8c. In all, there will be eight episodes total, so clear your Saturday night schedules, as once Deadly Waters With Captain Lee begins, you’ll be busy until July.

A quick look at each episode

Photo Credit: Oxygen True Crime via YouTube

Over on this series’ website, the titles for each episode are found. If you’re feeling lazy, same, but since I’m acting as your helpful Chief Stew for the remaining 0.48 seconds that you are here, I brought these titles over for you. You’re welcome. Here’s what you can expect to see on Deadly Waters With Captain Lee.

  • Episode 101: Ghost Ship – Sat, June 1
  • Episode 102: Killer Wave – Sat, June 8
  • Episode 103: Island Paradise Lost – Sat, June 15
  • Episode 104: Killer by the Cape – Sat, June 22
  • Episode 105: No Safe Harbor – Sat, June 29
  • Episode 106: Evil on Lake Erie – Sat, July 6
  • Episode 107: River of Fire – Sat, July 13
  • Episode 108: Carnage on Catalina – Sat, July 20

As for what we’ll be seeing in the June episodes, these five detail a “possible pirate attack,” two rough sea days, which are possibly taking the falls for their murderers, a “grisly bait freezer,” and also, a body with chained ankles.

Yikes. But that’s not all. There’s still an entire month left.

Let’s now chat about what’s going down in July. First, a wife goes overboard on Lake Erie (or does she?) and very clearly dies, a “riverboat [gets] engulfed in flames,” and then, “a body [is] found off the coast of Catalina Island.” No biggies. But also, again, yikes.

Overall, when it comes to Captain Lee’s new series, penis-shaped blankets are now labeled as child’s play. Level up, land-dwellers, and prepare yourselves for this very different charter season onboard Deadly Waters With Captain Lee.