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Does Jesse Lally Regret Aggressive Hallway Confrontation on The Valley?

Jesse Lally has finally had a chance to speak out about his aggressive behavior toward Kristen Doute and Luke Broderick during The Valley

In case you missed it, Jesse flew off the handle during one of the earlier episodes this season. After getting into it with Kristen in the hallway of their fancy dinner, Luke, Kristen’s boyfriend, jumped in to defend her. The latter said something that offended Jesse because the reality star charged at them, getting physical with the producers and several cast members. 

During his time on Watch What Happens Live, Jesse answered a fan question and told Andy Cohen that his emotions got the best of him. 

Jesse was full of “pain, anger, and stress” while filming Season 1 of The Valley 


Jesse Lally regrets being so reactive in the hallway after dinner on TheValley. #WWHL

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Jesse said that looking back on the moment was “interesting to watch” before explaining what led him to become so hostile. “I was so full of pain and anger and stress,” he said. “It was very reactive, which I regret. You know, emotion clouds reason, and you go in there, and it was what it was.” 

Following Jesse’s blowup, things between him, Kristen, and Luke haven’t been the best. “We had a good relationship and we haven’t spoken since. We haven’t spoken at all. And [her boyfriend] Luke and I are cordial — mostly talking about stuff related to the show,” Jesse said in an earlier interview. “But yeah, I mean, it’s sad. You hate to lose friends.”

Although Kristen’s rumors about Jesse and Michelle’s marriage weren’t entirely true, the pair were having issues, as seen in the latest episode of the Bravo series. 

They announced their split in March 2024—days before The Valley Season 1 premiered. “Unfortunately, right now, Michelle and I are separated, but we’re co-parenting, focused on Isabella,” Jesse said. 

The Valley continues on Tuesdays at 9/8c.