Kathryn Dennis in a blue shirt sitting around a bunch of wine bottles on Southern Charm Season 6
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Details of Kathryn Dennis’ DUI Revealed, Cops Found ‘Several Mini Bottles of Fireball’ in Car

In case you missed it, Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm recently got busted by the cops for driving under the influence. Now, more details have emerged about the ordeal, and it’s just as messy as you could have imagined. Not only have the cops accused her of causing a car accident, but they also found empty whiskey bottles in her car. Yikes.

Caught red-handed

Radar Online got their hands on the police report from Kathryn’s recent arrest. The allegations against Kathryn don’t look too good. According to the cops, she rear-ended a vehicle which set off a chain reaction with the next car. One of the drivers wants to press charges.

The cops said they could smell booze on Kathryn. Plus, they could see that classic, glossy look in her eyes. Then, they searched her car and found a brown paper bag with “several mini bottles of Fireball.” Some of them were already empty.

First of all, what kind of self-respecting adult drinks Fireball in the middle of May? Second of all, why on Earth would she think driving around with open containers of cinnamon whiskey would be a good idea? At least dispose of your evidence. Then, to make matters worse, the cops said that she had her dog with her.

Originally, Kathryn told the cops that she hadn’t been drinking that night. She told them that she went to record a podcast, but it ended up not going through so she ended up just innocently hanging out at a friend’s apartment. The results of the field sobriety test didn’t align with that story, and she eventually admitted to drinking “way earlier” in the day.

“Upon completion of the tests, Ms. Dennis asked where her dog was, and I reminded her that she had placed her dog in the back seat of my patrol vehicle.” the report explained.

The cops determined that between the smell of booze, the botched field sobriety test, and the empty liquor bottles, they had enough “probable cause” to charge Kathryn with DUI. She also caught a charge for having an open container in the car. The Southern Charm alum has a court date on June 4, but it’s safe to say that summer is not off to a good start for Kathryn.