Why Summer House Fans Are Starting To Feel Bad for Kyle Cooke

Kyle Cooke
Photo Credit: Mark Sagliocco/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Kyle Cooke has always been the guy you wanted to watch on Summer House. The 41-year-old has yet to settle down and is still living as if he were a 21-year-old frat boy. I have to say something is refreshing about Kyle just being Kyle. I mean, who loses their swim trunks in the bay and climbs out of the water with a conch shell? The man doesn’t let a lot bother him. Until he is backed into a corner and explodes, that is. 

But Kyle doesn’t always have it easy. Kyle is pulled in multiple directions between juggling his marriage, friendships, and business. Many have noticed that Kyle isn’t great when it comes to compromising with Amanda Batula, but is there more to the story? The latest episode showed Kyle finally losing his cool. 

Between a rock and a hard place

I don’t usually feel bad for Kyle during Summer House, mainly because he seems to be living a pretty great life. But the latest episode showed Kyle breaking down, and his tears did tug on my heartstrings. At one point, it felt like Ciara Millier and Paige DeSorbo were ganging up on Kyle. I was a little taken aback that two single girls who hadn’t been married felt that it was their place to tell a husband how to interact with his wife. As expected, the confrontation didn’t go well, leaving Kyle rage-packing and crying into his suitcase.

Is Loverboy in trouble?

I’ll admit it: Kyle doesn’t seem to be the most emotionally connected when it comes to communication. As I watched him cry in his BMW, saying repeatedly, “Summer should be fun,” I pitied the guy. But when he sat on the bed with Carl Radke to vent, his outburst made more sense. Kyle noted, “There’s gonna be all sorts of opportunities for us to follow our passions, interests, hobbies. And hopefully, a lot of things turn into money-making machines — some of them don’t have to — but that’s what I want.” Kyle chalked up his tantrum to the wrong timing as he stated, “The irony here is I was excited to hear that Amanda wants to pursue these things, I just didn’t have it in me in that moment to be like, ‘Yay!’ because I’m living in a different reality with really high stakes.”

For multiple seasons viewers have watched the Summer House literally be filled with everything Loverboy. Between the merch, drinks, and coolers, you can’t look away without seeing some form of Loverboy product. However, according to Kyle, all is not okay behind the scenes, alluding to some financial issues. While he didn’t go into great detail, Kyle added, “And I thought she understood.”

Kyle needs an attitude adjustment

Even though my heart went out during the latest episode, Kyle isn’t exactly a victim. Over the years, he has said some pretty nasty stuff about his wife, which was just so uncool. When he first heard of Amanda’s desire to branch out into her own thing, he called it a “passion project.” The term was highly insulting as it insinuated that she wasn’t capable of founding her own business and she was just some bored housewife. In a fit of anger, he stormed outside and threw his drink can.

Kyle then went on to blow the entire conversation out of proportion. He ranted and raved, saying, ‘Okay, cool. You know what I want? I want to be a DJ. I want to be a DJ. You want to be a DJ immediately.’ Kyle’s behavior felt dismissive toward his wife. Perhaps the most annoying part was that six months out of the argument, Amanda had done nothing to pursue her dream, but Kyle had become a DJ. Amanda doesn’t seem too fussed, though, as she told the Summer House After Show viewers, “It’s for sure giving midlife crisis, but I’m being as supportive of it as I can.” 

Honestly, someone has to be because goodness knows Amanda isn’t getting the support she needs.