The GOAT Episode 5 Recap: Day’s Redemption Arc

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Prime Video’s The GOAT is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite reality shows. Like most competition series, it started slow in the beginning, but boy, the drama is taking off. Last week’s episode ended with Kristen from Vanderpump Rules being booted off after falling short in the elimination challenge, leading Jill and Da’Vonne to believe the men were coming after the girls. But if you know anything about those two reality TV legends, they won’t sit back idly and watch it happen. It’s time to get active. Here’s everything that went down on The GOAT Episode 5.

Who is The GOAT in Episode 5? 

Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Prime Video

Da’Vonne Rogers was named The GOAT in Season 1, Episode 5.

The last two episodes have been a bit of a challenge for the girls. First, Da’Vonne’s plan to get Justin out of the house backfired. Then, Kristen was eliminated the following week. Before Daniel Tosh arrived to start the competition, Day and Jill discussed their plan. Wendell confessed that The Bachelor star was on his list of people he wanted to target next to prove to the women that there is no all-guys alliance.

This week’s competition was in honor of the reality cooking shows out there. While stirring their pot of Risotto, they also had to spell a common culinary term correctly. Later in the challenge, Tosh introduced more complex words into the mix, like “hummus,” which is how Joe was eliminated. “I’m an idiot,” he joked in his confessional. Jason/Alyssa was the next player out, misspelling the word “celery.” Teck, Reza, Wendell, CJ, and Paola followed suit, messing up words like “baste” and “braise.” 

The final round consisted of Da’Vonne, Jill, and Chef Jason. “With Da’Vonne as GOAT, what we went through last time… it just left such a foul taste in my mouth,” Reza said. “If she’s GOAT again, it’s going to be a sh*t show.” Unfortunately for him, Jason was the next eliminated, butchering the word “quesadilla.” Jill tried her hardest to spell the word “zucchini” correctly, but she couldn’t get it done, leaving the GOAT throne wide open for Day. But before she’s officially the week’s ruler, Tosh has to see if she can spell the word “ceviche.” … AND SHE CAN. With Da’Vonne in power, you know anything can happen. Let’s see what she has up her sleeve.

The elimination challenge details

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Da’Vonne had to pick the two teams for the elimination challenge. She chose Teck, Joe, Paola, and Justin. That left Wendell with CJ, Jason, and Jill. Day’s top priority, though, was to get two men out of the house since it’s a double elimination. Her targets were Wendell and Reza. “This can be so easy,” she told producers in her interview. “And I pray that it is.” 

The challenge is called “Basket Case.” One contestant had to use a slingshot to sling tomatoes, heads of lettuce, and loaves of bread at their remaining four teammates across the yard. The four receiving cast members are bound together and must move collectively from one spot in the yard to the next. Whichever team caught all of their food the fastest would win safety. 

“Teck, come on, the game is over. Just do it,” Joe yelled. “We already lost, Teck,” Da’Vonne said. “We already lost.” And they were right; Team Purple did lose. But it wasn’t because Teck threw the challenge. He was genuinely having a difficult time with the sling. “I was not throwing the challenge. I want to win,” Teck said in his interview. 

Who went home in The GOAT Episode 5? 

Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Prime Video

Justin Johnson and Teck Holmes were the fifth and sixth reality stars eliminated from The GOAT Season 1.

Before this week’s elimination ceremony, Teck and Wendell decided they needed to rally to get the votes Teck needed to stay safe. Joe was also talking to people and got the idea that some of the votes would head his way. Justin spoke to CJ and said that he wanted to be in the GOAT Manor to fight another day. 

Paola tried to get Reza to say who he would vote for, but he wouldn’t budge. So, she barged into Jason’s confessional interview with producers all teary-eyed to ask him not to vote for her. “I really hope you don’t vote for me,” she said. “Because that would be a sh*tty way to get out of this house.” … “What can I say?” he replied. “I attract the crazies.” 

Finally, we reached the moment where Tosh revealed the votes. Like weeks before, the votes were spread among the cast, with one toward Paola, two toward Joe, three toward Justin, and four toward Teck. 

So, Teck and Justin had to leave, but they bounced with their heads held high. Additionally, Teck seemed to understand that his bad performance cost him $200K, and Justin gave everybody—including Da’Vonne—a hug on the way out. 

Come back next week to see who’s the next reality TV vet out of the running toward becoming the GOAT. 

The GOAT continues on Thursdays on Prime Video.