The GOAT Episode 4 Recap: Don’t Trigger Hurricane Kristen

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We’re back in the GOAT Manor for Episode 4 of Prime Video’s The GOAT. Last week featured Da’Vonne as the show’s head b*tch in charge. However, it looked like she let the power get to her head, causing Wendell and the rest of the guys to blindside her. So, will she be on the chopping block this week? Or will another plan be set in motion? Here’s everything that went down on The GOAT, Episode 4: The Hurricane. 

Who is The GOAT in Episode 4? 

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Wendell Holland was named The GOAT in Season 1, Episode 4. 

For this week’s challenge, the contestants paid homage to all of the medical reality shows out there. Thanks, Botched. Host Daniel Tosh explained the rules, which involved the players popping a balloon that looked like a pimple on a cut-out face. If their balloon had blue goo, they were safe and made it to the next round. However, they’re eliminated from the competition if yellow puss is released. 

Of course, whoever wins will have immunity and will pick the teams for the elimination challenge. So, a lot is riding on this, especially after some of the ladies felt Da’Vonne tried to sabotage their games. 

As the reality stars go, they’re popping the pimples left and right. Some people like Reza, Joe, Teck, and CJ got blue goo on their first round. Justin, though, was blasted with yellow puss, sending them to the outskirts. Da’Vonne’s turn arrived, and luck wasn’t on her side during this comp because she also popped a pimple with yellow puss. 

Eventually, the final round consisted of Kristen, Wendell, Joe, and CJ, with one blue balloon left. As you can imagine, the moment was tense due to Episode 3’s drama during the elimination ceremony. Kristen was up first, and although she really needed this win, she chose incorrectly. 

Next was Wendell, and he crushed CJ and Joe’s chances of winning because he chose the right balloon, making him this week’s GOAT. Typically, that’d come with safety, but this week, Wendell was tempted with $5,000 to give that up … and he took it. 

The elimination challenge details… 

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For the elimination challenge, Wendell was tasked with picking the teams. In his confessional, he told producers that he wanted slightly even teams. However, he wanted to skew his team in his favor. 

On his side, he chose Jason, Joe, CJ, and Da’Vonne (Team Purple), leaving the remaining contestants to make up Team Orange. 

Reza wasn’t happy about the teams, saying not being picked for Wendell’s team doesn’t feel good when they’re supposed to be homies. 

For the challenge, one contestant on each team had to lead the remaining players through a maze while blindfolded. Da’Vonne was the captain for Team Purple, while Justin was the captain for Team Orange. Throughout the challenge, Team Purple had the edge, as Da’Vonne made sure her team would be able to hear her. Team Orange, on the other hand, just couldn’t get it together. Justin wasn’t loud enough, and Kristen kept saying she couldn’t hear. All of their back-and-forth didn’t help. In fact, it wasted time because as they were frolicking around, Team Purple snagged the victory. 

So, Da’Vonne, Wendell, Joe, CJ, Jason, and Jill (because she had to sit out) are safe for the week, and somebody else is getting ready to go home. 

Who went home in The GOAT Episode 4? 

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Kristen Doute was the fourth reality star eliminated from The GOAT Season 1. 

The losing team began strategizing to see who should go home. Many felt it should be Kristen since she dropped the ball during the maze challenge. 

Kristen discussed the moment with Jill and Da’Vonne. They tried to help her create a plan to shift the target from her to Reza. The former Vanderpump Rules star brought the news to Wendell, however, he told her that she needed to secure enough votes before he would flip. 

It was time for the house to vote. The final tally was eight votes for Kristen and three for Reza. Kristen was the next reality star exiled from GOAT Manor. 

Kristen called the men out for being “threatened” by the women. “You guys are so scared of the women that you need to have men majority ruling the house. You’re not playing fair. Is that your version of mansplaining,” she said. 

She shouted out the women on her way out but told CJ that she was “the worst of the worst.” 

“This is about you taking the men’s side not only in this house but in this world.” Whew. Get her, Kristen. CJ is a snooze fest. 

In the house, Reza was talking sh*t about Kristen after she’d left. “She just got thrown out of the house, don’t kick her while she’s down,” Jill told Da’Vonne. “He’s ranting and raving. We’ve gotta get Reza out because he’s toxic, and I don’t want toxicity.” 

Operation Blindside Reza is in full effect. 

The GOAT airs on Prime Video every Thursday.