Below Deck Season 11 Winners & Losers

Photo Credit: Bravo via YouTube

Below Deck Season 11 has been a roller coaster. Captain Kerry Titheradge made his debut on the OG series this season, where he has done an excellent job. While Captain Kerry has been a pleasure to watch, some of the crew members this season have not been.

Throughout Below Deck Season 11, several cast members have stood out above the rest. These “winners” of the season were steady from the beginning to the end. On the other hand, other cast members ultimately emerged as the seasons “losers”. While these crew members may have had good intentions, they unfortunately did not end up delivering.

Captain Kerry Titheradge – Winner

Captain Kerry is definitely one of the season’s winners, as he led the crew with strength and positivity all season. From the jump, it was evident that Captain Kerry was serious about having a good season. While we got to see a lot of Captain Kerry’s work ethic this season, we also got to know him better as a person. Kerry opened up about his girlfriend and kids, and it was nice to see a more personable side of him.

An important trait of any good Captain is the capability to make tough decisions. Captain Kerry exhibited this when he had to fire several crew members, despite feeling bad about it. While he was tough at times, it was clear that Kerry cared a lot for his crew and guests. Kerry knows what he’s doing, and we hope that this will not be the last we see of him!

Fraser Olender – Winner

Photo Credit: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

While Fraser Olender was caught up in trouble at first, he has shown a lot of growth since then. The Chief Stew showed a compassionate side of himself this season, which made him more likable. Fraser was kind to Cat Baugh when she opened up to him, and did his best to make her feel comfortable. Furthermore, Fraser did his best to avoid drama with his interior team, despite being an avid lover of it.

Fraser has also shown a lot of maturity this season in his role as Chief Stew. For instance, Fraser checked with Captain Kerry before kissing a charter guest, which he knew could break rules. Fraser only proceeded to kiss the guest after Captain Kerry said it was alright, which shows how seriously he takes his job. After Season 11, Fraser is a winner in our eyes!

Xandi Olivier – Winner

Xandi Olivier has been a breath of fresh air since Below Deck Season 11 kicked off. The 2nd Stew was recognized for her hard work early on, especially for her knack of housekeeping. Xandi has stayed out of the drama and focuses on her own work, which is always a green flag on Below Deck. Furthermore, Xandi has cracked a number of iconic one-liners, including her hilarious line about spending tip money on therapy.

Jared Woodin – Loser

Photo Credit: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images

Jared Woodin seemed like a nice guy, but his work ethic was ultimately just not there. After starting the season as a Bosun, Captain Kerry quickly noticed that something was off with Jared. He messed up simple tasks, and the rest of the Deck team was left to pick up his slack.

Captain Kerry did his best to be patient with Jared, but he didn’t make it easy. After getting too drunk on a crew night out, Kerry ultimately made the decision to fire Jared. While Jared had potential, he ultimately left Season 11 as a loser after being the season’s first fire.

Anthony Iracane – Loser

Chef Anthony Iracane was worth rooting for at the start of the season, but stress got the better of him. From the jump, Anthony produced beautiful dishes that the guests claimed were delicious. His downfall, however, was the long amount of time it took him to put them together. This ultimately led to him being the second fire of the season, following Jared. Despite starting the season as a winner, Chef Anthony unfortunately left as a loser.

Ben Willoughby – Loser

Ben Willoughby began Season 11 as Lead Deckhand, but was later promoted to Bosun after Jared’s departure. After his promotion, Ben began to get as lazy as Jared had been, which quickly became frustrating. When Captain Kerry made kind efforts to correct Ben, he claimed that he was being micro-managed. Ben doesn’t seem to appreciate the idea of hard work, which makes it difficult to root for him as Bosun.

Apart from his below par work ethic, Ben has done his fellow crew member Sunny Marquis wrong as well. Sunny showed a clear interest in Ben from the jump, but he has only played with her feelings since. This is just wrong of Ben, especially since they both work together on the Deck team. While Ben was neutral at the start of the season, he has since become one of its villains.