Is Below Deck’s Barbie Pascual Overreacting When It Comes to Kyle Stillie?

Barbie Pascual
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

When Below Deck Season 11 first started, I dare say almost no one was a fan of Barbie Pascual. The Argentinian daddy’s girl was a primadonna and spoiled at best. Even though she claimed to have a thorough work ethic, Barbie complained a lot. Butting heads with Chief Stew Fraser Olender didn’t help either. The two couldn’t see eye to eye, and Barbie almost lost her job. 

But somewhere along the lines, Kyle Stillie won the princess over with his thick Scottish accent. Watching their love story unfold feels like a real-life Beauty and the Beast; only Barbie acted more beastlike and unrefined this time around. 

Conservative Barbie

If you haven’t already figured it out, Barbie comes from a very conservative family in Argentina. Even though her mother is a certified sex therapist, Barbie fears disappointing her father. Fans have heard the sob story more than once and are pretty over the fact that Babs can’t seem to make her own decisions. We quickly learn that Barbie’s life is funded by her father. She works in yachting to fund her shopping hobby, which includes Cartier jewelry and designer shoes and bags. So forgive me if I don’t exactly feel empathy for the second stew. 

The hookup

Kyle won over the brunette bombshell as the charter season went on. The deckhand was witty, clever, and knew how to have a good time. But they seemed to come from two different worlds, as Barbie often pointed out. After their one-night stand, Barbie went a bit nuts. She drastically pulled away, upsetting Kyle and herself more than was needed. It wasn’t a surprise that cameras caught onto their smooching because they are perched in every cabin. Almost instantly after Kyle’s pride and joy were shown on TV, she had regrets.

The main crux of the argument is that she feared reprisal from her father in the form of massive disappointment. Sadly, when other crew members jabbed at the duo, Barbie took her frustrations out on Kyle, which wasn’t cool. But the yachtie took it like a champ, proving he was a stand-up guy. And spoiler alert: Barbie’s dad recently shared that he is still proud of her.

Fans comment on the drama

I was happy to learn that I wasn’t the only one who took issue with Barbie’s tantrums. I mean, good god, Barbie, you are an adult. It is okay to have sex, even if it is on national TV. One Below Deck fan took to X, writing, “Ok, Barbie has been married & divorced and is still worrying about what her father will think…to the point of tears?” While another fan commented, “Barbie just shut up. Kyle is a good guy and wasn’t even pushing for sex. He was kind and considerate to u. It’s clearly all about u and ur weird daddy issues. Ur 30. Grow up. Tell daddy ur not a virgin and move on.”

I can’t say I disagree with the comments because I do believe Barbie was overreacting. Sadly, mistreating Kyle isn’t going to undo the situation. With what the cameras showed, Kyle was extremely respectful. At times, it felt like Barbie was a bit of a bully when she should have just been living and learning a lesson. 

Both have gone their separate ways

Sadly, Barbie revealed on Watch What Happens Live that the two didn’t last long after the charter season ended. After all the drama Barbie moved on, confirming she has a new boyfriend. The new beau checks all the boxes as Barbie noted, “He’s Jewish, and he wears pants,” which was a dig at Kyle’s kilt during the latest episode. We have yet to hear Kyle’s side, but we are sure he wouldn’t dare speak against B out of respect, of course. Honestly, maybe Kyle dodged a bullet because Barbie has a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill. I wish the new man in her life all the luck cause he is going to need it.