Janet and Jason Caperna with Jasmine Goode on The Valley
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Jason Caperna Has ‘No Regrets’ About Babymoon Non-Invites

A recent episode of The Valley could have been all good feels. Janet Caperna and Jason Caperna hosted their friends at a babymoon in Big Bear, California. It was meant to be a fun, relaxing weekend before the couple welcomed their first child in December 2023.

But their exclusion of Kristen Doute, her boyfriend Luke Broderick, and Zack Wickham created drama. The Vanderpump Rules alum was in disbelief as to why she might have not been invited, while Zack trolled a heavily pregnant Janet by posting to social media that he was also at Big Bear.

Neither Janet nor Jason regretted their guestlist. And as a new piece of information emerged about Janet’s medical situation after the cast dinner-from hell, the attorney expressed further conviction for the decision.

Janet needed to exclude those that might “stir things up” for health reasons

“Personally, I have absolutely no regrets about who we chose to invite and not invite to the babymoon,” Jason told The Daily Dish.

He revealed that Janet started experiencing “contractions” after the group dinner during which Kristen fought with estranged couple Jesse Lally and Michelle Saniei Lally. Janet’s labor scare came on “potentially due to stress.”

“When we heard that news, we were like OK, well, we need to avoid any kind of situation like this,” Jason added.

All the more reason to keep a harmonious atmosphere at the babymoon. But the couple were so shaken that they “even considered potentially leaving the show.”

“Production was great,” Jason said of the support received. The couple were told to prioritize Janet and her unborn child’s health. As a result, Janet kept her Big Bear guest list free of those members who might “stir things up.”

“So that was our priority,” the new Bravolebrity explained. “Just making sure that Janet had a stress-free babymoon and it was successful in that way.”

Kristen and Zack’s reactions “validated” the decision to exclude them

Jason then addressed Kristen’s reference to his wife as a “Queen Bee” who excluded the James Mae founder just to prove a point. He called the accusation “insane.”

“Janet is not inviting me because she wants to let me know that I’m in the outside of the group,” Kristen said on a recent episode of The Valley. “So she was like, ‘What I say goes, I’m the one who is now the queen bee.’”

“It wasn’t like there was some sort of an intentional, like sit-down and like, let’s — let’s take notes and let’s share paperwork and let’s share our thoughts on like, who can we leave out? And who can we leave out to make sure Janet’s the queen bee?” he said.

As “two married adults” with enough on their plate, Jason denied any conspiracies from Janet. If anything, Kristen and Zack’s reaction to being snubbed only “validated” the reason for it.

“I have no regrets at all with regard to that,” Jason concluded.

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