Captain Lee Rosbach, who is promoting his new true crime series, Deadly Waters
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Captain Lee Teases New True Crime Series Deadly Waters

The Stud of the Sea, Captain Lee Rosbach, is bringing reality fans and true crime buffs together with his new series, Deadly Waters with Captain Lee. The cases each take place at a body of water. It looks like it will be interesting, especially with Captain Lee onboard for the trip.

Captain Lee is known to reality TV fans after being at the helm of the Below Deck franchise until Season 10. Health issues forced him to miss filming some of that season. However, for Season 11, Captain Lee wasn’t issued a boarding pass.

Captain Kerry Titheradge, from Below Deck Adventure, was given the gig. Captain Lee was shocked that he was let go. “That came right out of left field. Did not see that one coming at all,” he said. So, it’s great to see him now fronting an entirely new project, this time on Oxygen.

Captain Lee is exploring the dark side of human nature

So, is Captain Lee’s new show similar to Below Deck at all? “I mean, there’s cameras and water. That’s where all similarities end,” Captain Lee told US Weekly. “You’re talking about bodies popping up and about the effect that it has on the relatives and the mothers and the fathers and the sisters and the people that are left behind.” Yikes!

Captain Lee will help bring to light the clues that eventually led the authorities to the guilty party. “Sometimes it’s inexperience where it’s a red flag that an inexperienced captain or inexperienced operator just didn’t pick up on, and they ended up paying for it dearly. Then just the perpetrators themselves, their lack of maritime [knowledge] of wind waves and current and tides,” Captain Lee explained. “The list goes on forever that often proves to be their undoing, which is a good thing for law enforcement.”

But the human toll of these crimes isn’t lost on the good captain. “There’s something about when you’re dealing with things that actually have happened, and people’s lives have actually been lost and other people’s lives are affected,” he stated. “There’s something about that that adds a new twist to it that makes it all the more real.”

Why do people commit these crimes?

Deadly Waters with Captain Lee
Photo Credit: Stephanie Diani/Oxygen

Captain Lee noted that the Navy, the Coast Guard, and the maritime police, “have a thankless job and it all too often gets extremely gruesome.” He also wondered why someone would commit murder. Cue the Law & Order music.

“What makes them go from just being a normal individual to somebody that can murder in cold blood however many people and not give it another thought?” Captain Lee asked. “My primary concern is that they get caught, and they deserve what they get,” he added.

Deadly Waters with Captain Lee premieres on Oxygen on Saturday, June 1, at 9 p.m. ET, and episodes will be available to stream on Peacock the next day.