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Did Michelle Lally Hint Kristen Doute Has Been Unfaithful to Luke Broderick?

The Valley is the gift that keeps on giving. Literally.

The first half of the season dealt with Kristen Doute and her boyfriend, Luke Broderick, being ostracized from the group after the former Vanderpump Rules star spread damaging rumors about Michelle Lally. However, in a dramatic change of events, the latter seemingly dropped a rumor of her own during last night’s episode.

Michelle is being shady as hell

Photo Credit: Casey Durkin/Bravo

In case you haven’t been keeping up with Bravo’s latest show … what are you doing? It stars Jax Taylor, his wife Brittany Cartwright, and a boatload of their messy friends. So, as you can imagine, there’s tons of drama to go around.

Most of the season revolved around Michelle and her marriage to Jesse Lally. After Kristen told her co-stars she was protecting Michelle from rumors that she had a secret boyfriend for a year, they decided to cut all ties with her.

In last night’s episode, Michelle told the producers something shady that I can’t stop thinking about.

“Kristen is accusing me of being a cheater, when she has cheated on her boyfriends,” she said. A producer replied, “Are you saying that she’s cheated on Luke?” Of course, Michelle didn’t reply, but she did flash a cunning smile.

“Is that something you want to talk about?” the producer asked her. “Um, I don’t know,” Michelle replied. Then why the hell did you bring it up, sis?

Jesse and Michelle don’t mess with Kristen at all

Photo Credit: Casey Durkin/Bravo

It’s no surprise that Jesse and Michelle aren’t friends with Kristen. The luxury real estate agent discussed their friendship in an earlier interview, saying he hadn’t spoken with the Bravo vet since filming. “Kristen and I were friends for a very long time,” he said.

“Regardless of what she says, we’ve been friends for a long time,” he said. “She was one of only two of the girls that were at our baby shower.”

Elsewhere in the interview, he said the pair had a “good relationship” before things took a turn for the worse. “We haven’t spoken at all. And [her boyfriend] Luke and I are cordial — mostly talking about stuff related to the show,” Jesse continued. “But yeah, I mean, it’s sad. You hate to lose friends.”

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