Ciara Miller met West Wilson while filming Summer House Season 8
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How West Wilson and Ciara Miller Are on ‘Opposite Sides’

If you happen to overhear Summer House newbie West Wilson calling his crush Ciara Miller “baby,” don’t get too excited. Apparently, he talks to everyone that way.

“We are both probably on opposite sides of the spectrum in that regard,” he explained. “Am I supposed to pivot all of my natural tendencies because she values them [through] a different lens? I feel like no. I’m going to always call people ‘baby.’ Like, ‘What up, baby? Good morning.’ Or the homies: ‘Love you, baby. Boom. See you tomorrow.’ It’s just a nice word.”

During Season 8, Episode 15 of the Summer House After Show, the question arose about how the sports journalist talks to his flame as opposed to how he talks to their friends. In a clip, he admits that he’s not really a “pet name” person. So, he simplifies things and just calls everyone “baby.”

West and Ciara are on different wavelengths

West Wilson and Ciara Miller during Summer House Season 8
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While West may not think the pet name thing is a big deal, Ciara disagrees. “Things that I consider a big deal, he was like, ‘What? Like, it’s chill,'” the model shares. “With him, it’s always like, not even ‘I love you’ means anything. He’s like, ‘I tell Paige [DeSorbo] and Jesse [Solomon] that I love them.'” Ciara’s having a hard time figuring out what’s “significant” to her new beau.

“I just don’t overthink,” West continues. “Not everything has to be heavy. If what I call my friends is a roadblock in a relationship, I think that’s kind of weird.”

“I think that’s a Ciara problem at that point,” Jesse chimes in.

“If you want me to not say ‘love you’ and not call you ‘baby,’ then f*cking okay, I won’t!” West adds. “[But] it’s gonna take a while to get that out of my system. It’s how I talk.”

“She just wants to feel like you’re treating her different than everybody else,” Jesse observes. Exactly! Ciara just wants to feel like she’s special and not just another one of West’s buddies.

But West did finally admit to having a pet name for Ciara. It’s “Boog.” That’s a little odd. Is that short for “booger?” I sure hope not!

I’m looking forward to finding out whether West and Ciara are still together at the Summer House Season 8 Reunion. And perhaps Ciara’s pet name for him.

The two-part Summer House Season 8 reunion begins Thursday, June 6 at 9/8c on Bravo.